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AC - Disable Shadows Patcher 0.9

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in VR, shadows tend to flicker and aren't easy on the eyes. sadly we can't disable them completely.

this simple tool replaces one byte in the acs.exe binary to disable the shadowMapPass function of the rendering pipeline. resulting in no more shadows, yay. very enjoyable in VR.

* supported acs.exe (64bit only) versions: 1.14 to 1.16.3
* unzip and place in the same directory as acs.exe
* run acs_disable_shadows_patcher.exe to disable shadows
* run again to enable them again

contentmanager added support to disable shadows using my method. if you already use this awesome launcher, be sure to check out that new setting in video options!

antivirus & windows defender:
this tool needs to rewrite part of the acs.exe which sadly makes it look like a virus to some antivirus programs. this is why i also upload the source code of any version. its not a virus but an awesome little tool to get rid of shadows and improve FPS. if you don't trust me, you could use the source code to compile and verify the tool yourself and run it then.

source codes:
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Latest updates

  1. support 1.16.3

    support 1.16.3
  2. support 1.16.2

    support 1.16.2
  3. support 1.16.1

    support 1.16.1. enjoy.
  4. support 1.16

    support 1.16
  5. support 1.15.2

    support 1.15.2

Latest reviews

It is very good mod and I need it to use the VRs. As I see that no updates are released I took the liberty to upgrade to work with the new AC update
very good, does what its supposed to do. but, since they updated assetto like 2 weeks ago doesnt work anymore :(
Though I wish I could have in car shadows still, just playing on a regular monitor feels less fatiguing since I no longer am distracted by all the shadow glitches and poor shadow draw distance pop-in. Now it's like a much prettier rfactor 1!
Hello,when i turn it on the shadows are gone,,but also my virtuell mirror is black.Any Help?
great. helps precious FPS on VR
thank you its like a new set of tracks for me , that i can see
I just found this app. Thank you very much for a much better VR experience!
Thank You!
Perfect! For years the poor shadow implementation in AC has bugged the crap out of me. Thanks for solving that.
Excellent app, makes my VR experience even better and thank you for keeping those update coming, much appreciated
Truly excellent. It totally transformed my gaming experience. A real must-have.
I have to give you another 5* review for your speedy updates :D
Thanks again :)
Highly effective. Quickly download and install from this page, after disabling realtime anti-virus and immediately re-enable realtime anti-virus right after installation for minimal risk.

Great effort for better playability.
Thx for this. Finally got my fps up with pp filter activated on my aging pc. 50 fps with filter is pretty neat for my standards.
Best addon for VR, thanks!
WTF dude ??
Niveau d’alerte : Grave
Date :30/12/2017
Catégorie :Cheval de Troie
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updated the description with some explanation to why its a false positive. you can also read the support thread for more details.
Great work!!!
A must have for all VR user. Thanks for the quick update after each AC version.
And for all new user, pls stop false warning about the fact that it contains a virus, read the support thread and you'll understand why your antivirus gives you an alarm.
THX help me very to come on 90fps online on nordschleife

pls update for 1.16.2 ;)
pushed out the update to support 1.16.2