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AC Aura PP Filter

AC Aura PP Filter 0.12

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Excessive bloom

This is not meant to look realistic in any manner, but tuned to my liking. There is pretty heavy bloom compared to other filters.

It is pretty bright as I was trying to replicate the sun's brightness, which in the default filters, are quite dim.

It might overexpose in some situations, if it is affecting visibility, please send me a screenshot and I'll see what I can do.

SweetFX is not required.

Gabriel Wong
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Latest updates

  1. Updated graphics.ini + photo pp

    Photo pp - Photo filter should look exactly the same, except that the quality of the depth of...
  2. Fix zip file issue

    Did not realised that it was a rar renamed to a zip since winrar and 7zip opens it fine, but...

Latest reviews

Amazing, if you know how to use it :)
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong
Haha, are you able to adjust the exposure with the page up and down buttons? This pp filter is made quite long ago and I never really tested across newer versions atm. xD
awesome, try using mastereffects, it made great diff for raceroom
I really like these filters, It looks great with shnala's heavy fog

Shnala's weathers http://tinyurl.com/ya2u83su
I really like this! As I drive from cockpit, most other filters are dim and I can't really see the track as well. But with this I can see the track better and there for drive better.
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong
You could adjust exposure with Pg up and down button on the keyboard. XD
This is one of the best filters out there thanks Gabriel
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong
I'm really happy you think so! Thank you :P
Looks good, but it's a .rar file renamed to a .zip (which you probably should fix). Also, what does the altered SHADOW_MAP_BIAS_2 do?
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong
fixed the rar issue, didn't notice it XD. I was experimenting with it to find out what it does, might have forgotten to revert it. What was intentional though is the MIP_LOD_BIAS setting which I use to sharpen the image slightly. Though it is not 100% necessary required.
This is pretty ****ing gorgeous, especially for screenshots!
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong
Thank you :P
Says zip file invalid... :/
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong
Oh? I zipped it with WinRar. Just downloaded and checked and I can open it fine :O

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