AC+2020 0.2

No permission to download
Best graphic mod however suffering fps drop from around 150 to 50
incrédible mod , TOP graphics like PC2 !
Fantastic ! Very Thanks
Very Nice
BEST mod graphics,but fps drops drastic.
More optimización!
Thanks. Already working on that. :-)
It looks really good , but somehow I cannot make it work smoothly , i am stuck at 30 fps , even doing your manipulation with reshade , :s I have a 2070 rtx oc , and a i7 9700 k oc 4.9 ... are you playing in 4k ??? With my machine I would have expect at least working in 2k
As the Readme.pdf explicitly says, launch the game in windowed mode and then use Alt+Enter to go into Fullscreen. That way you shouldn't be locked to 30fps. Try disabling MXAO in Reshade, or renaming Reshade's dxgi.dll to dxgi.dll.bak to see if it's Reshade's fault at all.
I play at 3440x1440 or 3200x1350 custom resolutions.
It's good! However, it does the exact opposite to what you seem to be striving towards ("A plus of realism and immersion"). Contrasts are way too dramatic to even be considered real. Reminded me of Codemaster's Grid 1 palette. Cheers!
So in your opinion it makes the game less realistic and immersive, with unrealistic contrast and Grid 1's famous "piss filter" palette? :-/
It looks great, It is an Excellent Job.
Two things: the damage app and the traction control system are not showing
Thanks. You can adjust those in the Settings -> Assetto Corsa -> View & UI section and the apps bar in-game.
I love it, I think it's the best graphic configuration I've tried for AC

In my Pc:
Dat look gud! |-D
Amazing mate. Keep'em coming.
woooowwww it s wonderfull…...but the first track what is it ???
Will make a list of good tracks later on. First track is Barcelona City:
This really enhances and improves AC again. You did an amazing job. Thanks!!
Looks pretty ;)
Nice job, thanks mate !!
*****Super awesome
Great work, i was waiting for this too!
AMAZING thanks you sooooo much !
Muchas Gracias
JESUS F***IN CHRIST. This looks crazy!
finally! I was waiting for this. Thanks!
Thank you. Let me know if you find any problems or errors. Cheers and enjoy!