HTC Vive

AC+2020 0.5

No permission to download
very nice
Looks great
Very nice work,
stunning graphic improvement! thx bro
Me encanta esta combinación de mods, para mi es la mejor, la guía está muy bién y todo bién explicado.
Para solucionar el "flickering" en el cielo comprueben el siguiente parámetro.
Ir a Content Manager--Settings--CustomShaders Patch--Graphics Adjustements--Adaptive Clip Planes--Far plane, m : 20000, 30000

Con eso el problema queda resuelto.
Personalmente yo activo el FakeHDR en el Reshade porque me gusta tener más brillo pero cada uno tiene sus gustos ;) Bueno aquí dejo una muestra con Kimi Raikkonen y el Ferrari 2007 de VRC:

Sigue asi Bombadil esperamos más mejoras si es que puede mejorarse ;)
Very nice work, the new graphics are awesome !
In term of performance, (i play in 3440x1440) before i was hitting constantly my fps limit of 100FPS with a GTX 1080, now with your mod installed i tend to stay around 60FPS, not so bad but a little more optimisation would be great.
Best filter I have tried. Graphics are amazing when set up exactly per the instructions. I did have some over-bloom with this release, but deactivating one of the blooms (either the first one or last one in re-shade settings solves it for me). I do still have some sky flickering, but it is improved with this release. Great job!
Thanks. Of course you can further customize anything to your taste. I thought the sky flickering was totally solved but here is a quick fix:

In Settings -> Custom Shaders Patch -> Graphics Adjustments set "Far plane, m" to the default "20000, 30000". That should solve the problem.
A very good improvement on the AC graphic!
Thank you for this work and for the support on the discussion thread.
Version reviewed 0.5

For AMD card: if your graphic is glitched go to Extra FX and ACTIVATE G-Buffer prepass.
with the first version, with a CG hd 7870 AMD I was shooting at 43 fps. Since the 0.5 jae version runs at 59 fps. very good work!
I'm only running a 1050ti, and it's massive improvement. Still getting good FPS after a few tweaks.
Many thanks, you've done a superb job!
Hey Mate, The mod looks really great. Just the link for Peter Boese’s AC Color Corrections on media fire doesnt work for me. Is there any other links for this? I just wanna do the mod as per your readme.
Muchas Gracias Pistas todos =)
Gracias. Disfrútalo y reporta cualquier problema en el hilo de discusión.
This mod is amazing !! I usually only race Daytona 2017 but I uploaded this mod and went to Kunos Spa track and the sky flickering is gone and the graphics are to me more detailed. The most exciting part though is the dang !! Thank you Bombadill :)
Thank you. Enjoy, and report any problem in the discussion thread.
lmao please pack this for use with a mod loader like cm's jsgme so people stop overwriting their defaults and for easy uninstall for newer users. great mod till you cant go back to defaults without a reinstall
LITERALLY the first sentence in the Readme:
Warning: Make a backup of your AssettoCorsa\system\cfg\ and %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ folders so you can restore your current config in case of any problems.

But I guess READING the first sentence of the README is too much to ask... "lmao"
Just sublime !!!
First time i did a bad review like this, but installation is not easy, and after my AC is running really bad, i have a top notch system, so im glad i made a backup. I would recommend this to anyone.
If you have problems, you can go to the discussion thread and be specific about those problems.
The mod is running ok for many people. Saying "it runs bad" doesn't help anybody, and doesn't allow others to help you.
Sorry for my low rating, but this mod really modded my nicely looking und very well running AC with Sol and some other adjustments to a complete mess. :-(

In replays my sky was changing from black to blue, flickering, my camera settings where missing including a missing second rear cam (need that for drifting) and massive fps drops.

I'm not a guy that underrates a mod and I really have respect for the work, blood, sweat and time the modder invested in that, but I STRONGLY recommend to backup all changeing files before overwriting!

It cost me almost a day to get things back to normal, still finding things that need to take care of...
Sorry for the trouble, but making a backup is LITERALLY the first sentence in the Readme.pdf of the mod...
It's looking fantastic! Thank you.
Awesome Pack,Works a treat,Easy to install with your set up guide,Great Work,Thank You.
Magnifique (despite a sky problem which flashes in black during the replay)
Thanks. The sky problem is fixed in the 0.5 version.
Fps drops significantly and messages like traction control and brake bias disappeared after the patch. How to solve the problem?
Try disabling these options:

For better support write in the mods thread or send a private message.
This looks amazing. I am really looking forward to running this in 4k on my new OLED tv. Quick question, can i use this mod with other graphics mods, such as SOL?

Thanks :)
Yeah, SOL is part of the installation instructions.
Hello there,
Maybe I am missing something because from what I experienced until now, it is more of a downgrade than anything else.
With you files, pp + reshade :
With a3pp filter only :
You can judge by yourself, but I think the difference is pretty obvious.
And please explain me if I missed something because I think that I followed every step carefully, I even redid it from scratch 3 times.
Something doesn't seem right. If it was clearly such a downgrade lots of people would be saying so, not just you.
Go to the discussion thread and post images from the same places, with the same exterior gameplay camera and the same settings, and detail those settings so I can reproduce them here. Then I would be able to tell what's going on.
incrédible mod , TOP graphics like PC2 !
Fantastic ! Very Thanks
Very Nice
BEST mod graphics,but fps drops drastic.
More optimización!
Thanks. Already working on that. :-)
It looks really good , but somehow I cannot make it work smoothly , i am stuck at 30 fps , even doing your manipulation with reshade , :s I have a 2070 rtx oc , and a i7 9700 k oc 4.9 ... are you playing in 4k ??? With my machine I would have expect at least working in 2k
As the Readme.pdf explicitly says, launch the game in windowed mode and then use Alt+Enter to go into Fullscreen. That way you shouldn't be locked to 30fps. Try disabling MXAO in Reshade, or renaming Reshade's dxgi.dll to dxgi.dll.bak to see if it's Reshade's fault at all.
I play at 3440x1440 or 3200x1350 custom resolutions.
It's good! However, it does the exact opposite to what you seem to be striving towards ("A plus of realism and immersion"). Contrasts are way too dramatic to even be considered real. Reminded me of Codemaster's Grid 1 palette. Cheers!
So in your opinion it makes the game less realistic and immersive, with unrealistic contrast and Grid 1's famous "piss filter" palette? :-/