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Abu Dhabi 2009 v0.9 by Arnie1985 Nov 12 2014

F1 Abu Dhabi

  1. Dennis Phelan
    Abu Dhabi 2009 v0.9 for GTR Evo by Arnie1985
    This is just a basic conversion of the GTR2 track converted by Zwiss from the original GP4 track made by La Plat. So all the thanks goes out to:

    La Plat for the original GP4 track
    Birkus & FRS for converting this to rFactor
    Zwiss for converting and updating the circuit to GTR2

    Install in the gamedata/locations folder of your GTR Evo install. Only tested with the Steam version

    Abu Dhabi 2009 v0.9 for GTR2 by Zwiss
    The real track:
    Although Dubai has an FIA approved race track, Bernie decided more money could be made with a new track in Abu Dhabi.. hence this new circuit :)

    The virtual track:
    This first version of the track was made a while ago. Since the real track still has to be finished, it's obvious that this vritual version is not completely accurate.
    La Plat did a great effort to create this track for GP4. Birkuc converted it to rFactor, and he gave me permission to bring it to GTR2.
    According to the plans I found on the net, there will not be so much fencing on the infield, and I think the hairpin (turn 5-7) is not very accurate. Also it looks as if there will be more run off tarmac and not so much sand traps.
    I tried to change a few things, but I guess the original author might come up with a v2.0 as soon as the real track is revealed, so I did nog take it too far.
    The biggest change: I took out some buildings and I remodeled the run off at the first hairpin. I also replaced the sand pits with concrete run-offs.

    Done by me:
    - basic conversion to GTR2
    - AIW adjustment (pacecar, fueluse, )
    - rain reflection
    - animated marshalls
    - fixed startlights and pitlights
    - some mesh-editing
    - reduced the grand stands polys for FPS

    - AIW garage positions need to be fixed (WIP)
    - some shadows missing
    - skybox is still missing
    - track layout and trackside objects are not totally accurate yet...

    - original GP4 version: La Plat
    - rFactor version: Birkuc & FRS
    - GTR2 LODS: FrankBB and Blackhawk
    - GTR2 Conversion: Zwiss
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