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Abarth 1000TC 1.7.1

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In this updates you will find some minor fixes and, on a fan request, a Slalom Prototype version of the FIAT 600. This is just in an early WIP phase since there are basically no information about it. If someone hase some data about this car or similar one...
Hi folks, I finally had time to update these little babies. Since so much time is passed, I changed many many things thanks to the gained experience, new data found and AC updates.
From power to suspension and to the skin liveries and previews (thanks to the Content Manager)... all is changed... and I hope in better.
The Berlina can challenge the 595, the Gr. 2 is sometimes slightly faster than the 595 S2 while the Gr. 5 can compete against the Alfa Romeo GTA.
Very small changes to damping model and a little but significant change to inertias that make the cars more reactive on front axle as they should be, being them rear engined cars.
As title says, I corrected a little the Fuel consumption and wheel travel in suspension.
I fixed some values related to wheels travel and made Berlina and TC Gr2 more understeery or safer...
To reduce understeer you can also increase front tire pressure.
Last but not least, even if coast power in such small engines is not so high, I introduced in an experimental way just in Gr5 TCR the Engine Braking Setting: Now with CTRL+4 you can increase your engine brake while to decrese it you can cycle the settings or press CTRL+SHIFT+4.
As title says, v10 tyres and brake heating model have been implemented.
Moreover Pitstop repair times were added
Hi guys, after all this time I made some more experience and got some more specifications so I updated the 3 models from the suspension geometry to the springs and dampers. Again, due to the huge rear weight balance and to the fact that TC and Gr2 used same tyres front and rear, I added some challenge to them.
Gr5 is safier but fast and brutal as always ;)
If you want to correct off throttle oversteering behaviour, I suggest you to deflate front tyres and inflate rear ones...
New more competitive AI and revised fuel consumption
I finally had time to check the stiffness of a rear leaf spring on my FIAT 126 so to have a better idea of those spring values. So update reguards springs, dampers obviusly are adapted, and some minor fixes to power and suspension geometry.
Now also the simple 1000TC should be funnier to drive and can challege with 595 Step 2.
Hope you enjoy
This time I want to thank my friend peksis that fixed again the collider box. Now the car should run fine over irregularities.
A little fix also on downshift timings.
Tyres are updated to version 7 and some improvements are done taking inspiration from the new Abarth 595 by Kunos.
Unfortunately the 595 sound cannot be used since the 1000TC has an higher rev limit and I'm not able to do sounds :(
Thanks to DTM1120 for its fix to collision box.
Secondary modifications to collider, drivetrain and gearshift animation
Fixed Colliders to improve collision between undertray and roads
Little fix to center of gravity height and inertia
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I got more info about old damping models so this update is for dampers
As title says:
- Fixed differental values for the three cars with more realistic ones
- Fixed Steering Ratio for Gr2 and Gr5 since new information was available
- Fixed Springs and Dampers for Gr5 with stiffer values to improve track feeling
I updated the spring and damper model to make the cars a little bit more aggressive and maybe hard to drive but more realistic in my opinion.
FFB is changed too
Fixed steering ratios and Ackermann angles to more realistic values and now Gr5 has a different steering ratio.
After AC devs explained some of tyre model values, I tried to improve the previous model with more realistic values.
Clutch max torque for Gr5 is included.
Finally I changed and/or added some TAGS.
Thanks to all people that like this car and helped me in improving it. The fix reguards Shadows and better match for Gauges.
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Only the type of compression was changed