90's Golden Drift Spot Project #9 - Sakanotsuji Touge (坂ノ辻峠)

90's Golden Drift Spot Project #9 - Sakanotsuji Touge (坂ノ辻峠) 2020-10-25

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<90's Golden Drift Spot Project>
This project is aiming to recreate the legendary drift locations in Japan, from the very popular drifting spot list for drifters from the late 80's til the early 00's. Although it is away from locations introduced by Inital D it's remains a popular drift spot till today.
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PV with Team Gaya Factory drivers

*This course is created under Lidar data provided by Prefecture government


The top of Sakanotsuji Touge


SAKANOTSUJI TOUGE (坂ノ辻峠), is located in Hyogo prefecture around Mountain Seppiko.


This is the only road connecting between Shiso City and Kamikawa Town, which means not only normal cars, but truck will also passing through this road. However due to the difficulty of this road, it's not easy for truck running.


The city council had been requesting a construction for Sakanotsuji Tunnel to replace the touge for a while, however the construction still nowhere close to start. That also decrease the usage of this touge, being more able to get overtaken by drifters and racers.


As for the special condition of this road, it had been a spot for racing and drifting since the autobike boom at the early 90's. However it somehow have done nothing to prevent people racing it, so this place is still getting drifted sometimes.









- Uphill and downhill layout w/ Time Attack layout
- Replay Cameras (1 set for each)
- AI race (yes, AI race finally available)
- real speed bump (new)
- grass fx

※Encrypt protected by X4fab@Custom Shaders Patch team

Model/texture by: Sky Flight
Camera by: Leonardo Rtafia
Extension config/VAO config: Soyo
AI race config: Euro

Special Thanks:
"Team Gaya factory" test drivers

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Latest reviews

Beautifully detailed map with great corners ranging from narrow to side by side drifting.
Beautiful & fun track! Thank you!
One of my runs on it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUT2zUMKHHY
Lot of fun, great track, thank you.
Not able to play the map, always the same crash saying "AI spline might be missing or broken".
Using the right shader version in the content manager
Good! I love Japanese track
Fantastic track!
another high quality track
like all of 90's gdsp, this one rocks
Hi LongTime no see.Thx for donating another legendary road course to the community
Always consistently excellent.
Thank You ;) 0K
Excellent in every aspect, very happy with the AI support
Leonardo Ratafiá
Beautiful track, really nice to drive.
Great !
I love all your tracks, bloody amazing (I've spent a bit of time around Hakone and a few other places you've recreated) fricking amazing job! and this one out of the park yet again! If I had the skills to do rainfx configs I would, only things missing really.
Fantastic as always!

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