90's Golden Drift Spot Project #4 - Otarumi Touge (大垂水峠)

90's Golden Drift Spot Project #4 - Otarumi Touge (大垂水峠) 1.3

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<90s Golden Drift Spot Project>

This project will going to reborn the legendary drift locations in Japan, acknowledging people the real deals happened in the late 80s and the early 90s, away from Initial D locations but the drifters were actually appear til nowadays.

Speaking about famous touge, it's not either Haruna or maybe Myogi. One of the most ran and famous touge, should be the OTARUMI TOUGE (大垂水峠)

Otarumi Touge- is a very old stem touge road that closest to Tokyo, which connecting Hachiouji city in Tokyo, to Sagamihara City in Kanagawa. It was built since 1888.
Because it was the most easily accessible proper touge, Otarumi had a very important role in the racing history back then.


The course was the section after passed to Kanagawa prefecture. It combined difference corners and straight, which made this touge had happened a countless grip and drift race until now.




Back then there were more than 3 rest house along the road, this also provided a perfect supplies for racers. But now there's only one left: the touge rest house FUJIYA.



Here we look some real footage back then:


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Very nice track but I really wish it had AI, I'm mostly single player guy.
great track!!!
just want to know the vao file not include in the extension file is it right?
it's inside.
Beautiful track!!! Thanks for the hard work!!!
Great little route. To fix the white trees you have to replace the otarumi_touge.ini in steamapps/common/assettocorsa/extension/config/tracks/loaded with the optional "no seasons sol one".
that's an option for if you cannot get seasons to work anyway, it suppose could be changeable if you install everything right.
arigato natukashii !!
I love this track and have had it since I started playing assetto last year, but I just updated it and followed the installation guide completely and it is stuck in winter
Greaaaaat job
All the tree are with snow on it ?
It's normal ?
Its just perfect very little bump you can feel it . Its the best short touge to just go and drift anytime .
i love you
Another awesome track in my collection, thx!
perfect that's so beautiful
Very fun track, great attention to detail, good presentation. Thank you! And keep up the good work!
Amazing. Beautiful, detailed... There isnt anything else that you could wish for with this Track - imo even better than most kunos tracks
The best I have driven on yet.
Amazing, the surrounding scenery is beautifully detailed and executed, overall has a very authentic feel :)
Another Excellent togue track.It's way better than any kunos tracks in my opinion
Amazing track. Easy for beginner to learn basic car control and challenging enough for advanced players to speed drift. The perfect multiplayer map.
I love it, but the cameras aren't working. Have they not been added yet?
There is no camera in pack, there's one made by others in here if you needed.
excellent track, pits could be improved, surface is not bumpy so that's good
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