90s Golden Drift Spot Project #2 - Hakone Nanamagari 2.0

Legendary drift spot located in Hakone, Japan.

  1. skyflightmusic

    Greetings racers and drifters,
    Thank you all the support on my first work. I'm now presenting to you the second map of this project.

    <90s Golden Drift Spot Project>
    This project will going to reborn the legendary drift locations in Japan, acknowledging people the real deals happened in the late 80s and the early 90s, away from Initial D locations but the drifters were actually appear til nowadays.


    The second location is Nanamagari, located in Hakone, Japan.

    Hakone Nanamagari (箱根七曲り), is one of the most famous, also one of the most crowed drift spot back in the 90s of Japan.
    Nanamagari itself, is not a touge- but part of the old Tokaido route 732. Which afterward, Hakone built a new Tokaido route next to it because of it bad condition.



    What makes Nanamagari so famous is the continuous hairpins and really steep slope, as well as the less usage after new road was built. It's easy drift condition attracted tones of drifters to here at weekend. The whole road were covered by only drift cars.
    This course was very popular that so made appearance in the anime Initial D fifth stage and arcade games.


    This sign has become the course's biggest characteristic, because of how steep and dangerous the course was, this course was mainly set as uphill drifting only, while the downhill lane is for head back only.


    This course is also one of the few road, that have extra area of avoid traffic.

    The goal of the course have a little restaurant up there makes a best drift location.

    In this replica, there's a several arrangement to make a better gaming experience:

    - The steep level has been reduced for easier driving.
    - Anti-drift bump has removed but physical cateyes setted.
    - Pit boxs added up to 6.

    - Not too smooth road surface
    - Several objects in wrong scale.

    Walk through thanks to Touge Union!

    And other drifters video:



Recent Reviews

  1. Michal Ivanco
    Michal Ivanco
    Version: 2.0
    its a blast!! :) short but much fun up or downhill!! :D
  2. decipher
    Version: 1
    i say yes to the 90s golden drift spot project! exciting locations, great atmopshere, proper touge style!
  3. darkrenji
    Version: 1
    It's a greal small touge road. I like your project and the presentation. It feel you drive on the real deal. Have you reduce the steep level a lot compare to the real road ? It's the kind of things we looking for when driving a touge and not a flat track.
    1. skyflightmusic
      Author's Response
      Not complete flat because it will not be nanamagari. I reduce like around half I guess, still some steep but not as much as the real thing.
  4. Takumi77122
    Version: 1
    Why 3 Stars ?

    The layout is really great , road textures , skid textures too , real Japanese signs , well ... but , road is way too bumpy at some points , some textures are not great , like the walls , and some guard rails , and those trees and bushes on the road ... god why ?

    it s really great start really but you have to improve those points , same thing for your other track ;)

    keep it up
    1. skyflightmusic
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your continue support. Yes I know its not good but I like to at least get something out. I'm learning each time and I will remake them once I learnt something. Will not make it bad next time.
  5. keyser92
    Version: 1
    Why just 6 slots?
    Cannot start a 6-slot server for the online, 6 slots its ridiculous.
    1. skyflightmusic
      Author's Response
      According to the environment, I cannot put a lot of pits without making big changing to the scene which I don't want to. You can add as many as want.
      About your server problem, I'm not sure why you can't, but I've seen videos of a few people drifting together so I assume it works on online.
  6. TheSosunser
    Version: 1
    This is great!!!
  7. Sergi22
    Version: 1
    Man I love the project but CM gives me an error as de JSON file is damaged. Appreciate your work dude!
    1. skyflightmusic
      Author's Response
      I don't have any problem... have you get fixed?