90s Golden Drift Spot Project #1 - Hakone Ohiradai Touge (Upper course)

90s Golden Drift Spot Project #1 - Hakone Ohiradai Touge (Upper course) 3.0

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Greetings Racers and Drifters, after one and a half month of hard work, I'm now presenting my project and my first ever track map.

<90s Golden Drift Spot Project>
This project will going to reborn the legendary drift locations in Japan, acknowledging people the real deals happened in the late 80s and the early 90s, away from Initial D locations but the drifters were actually appear til nowadays.

The first location of this project is Ohiradai, located in Hakone, Japan.

Ohiradai is a well-known hot spring tourist spot at the mountain of Hakone, along with the Hakone hill climb train. The drift spot is divided into upper and lower part of the touge, well known for the continues curves and the easy access.

Here is the official site of this tourist spot if you ever wanna go for a visit: http://www.ohiradai.com/


This is the upper course replica. The up down dynamic with the continuous curves make low power cars can also enjoy touge drifting. The path to the Ohiradai hotspring is the U-turn point according to the course introduction back then.





This is my first ever track and it might not be the best one, but welcome for any feedback to make my next track better!

Next track work in progress!
And update coming soon.
At last special thanks Pixelchaser from ACmod forum for technical helping.

※HDR PP filter recommanded.


Twitter @skyflightdrifts

Latest updates

  1. Hakone Ohiradai (complete rebuild version 3)

    Special thanks to TEAM GAYA FACTORY for this awesome piece of promotional video, included full...
  2. 90s Golden Drift Spot Project #1 - Hakone Ohiradai Touge (Upper course) V2

    Thank you for all the past supports and I'm now presenting you Hakone Ohiradai version 2...

Latest reviews

One of the greatest AC tracks you can find!
Tysm for your work 90sGDSP!

Here's a lil run I made on the track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gzx-yv-h9w
I keep falling through the map at the start, I then spawn like normal after falling for a while. Any way to fix this?

Otherwise this track is beautiful
Very nice course, beautiful and fun to drive on. The reverb on some areas of the course is a nice touch too, I just wish I could race the full course instead of bits and pieces.
Magnifique !
good japan track
exellent work !
Amazing work !!!!
Spectacular track as always.
Amazing work as always
Nice track
Track isn't working with for some reasons
author please update it
The track is broken and doesn't work for the newer versions. Apparently it is missing it's outline.
It does not work with shader patch for some reason, if you really want to run it you can disable the shader patch and go. It will be renew someday.
Love it just like all of your work!
thank you
so gooooood! thanks
very atmospheric Touge Track that looks nice and is exciting to race. keep up the good work!
It's good to see such quality outcome, keep up!
90s Golden Drift Spot Project #1 - Hakone Ohiradai Touge (Upper course) 2

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