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8 laps in career and gp mode 1.1

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I was asked by a member of this community to work on that file, so here we go!;)

For all those who want to do quick races in career mode.
With this file you can do 8 lap races in career and gp mode.

Backup your original database.bin first!!

Unpack the file and copy it to your database folder allowing to overwrite the old one.
I.e.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\f12013\database

If you choose a 100% race in career or GP mode now, it will just last 8 laps.
Cars have enough fuel to use the rich mix for some laps.
One pit stop is mandatory.
No need to restart your career. If you want to have the original race length again in your game just copy back the original file.

Caution: Does not work online!!! PLease be sure to save the original file!!!!

Latest updates

  1. 8 laps in career and gp mode with corrected fuel

    Now cars are having not so much fuel.

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Neat little mod.
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