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75 Kyalami South Africa 1

Old school track of 1975 Kyalami South Africa converted from RF2 to AC

  1. Mechanic72
    22 grids
    Multi player
    no Cameras
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Recent Reviews

  1. danielrod
    Version: 1
    a track called version 1 with no cameras and poor textures? it's only a WIP
  2. AleDaRimini
    Version: 1
    Ok, this is actually "usable" but still horrible to see and drive.
  3. fr13del
    Version: 1
    Doesn't looks like it got updates.
  4. ZEN-KO
    Version: 1
    The old kyalami is one of my favorite tracks! I know how much work is to convert a track from rF to AC so I'll rate you 5 stars for the effort. I hope you will update the track as this is vary basic, textures especially.
  5. ClevyTR6
    Version: 1
    Love the track, a favorite. Look forward to future versions. Thank you!
  6. jokacz
    Version: 1
    Thanks for the track. Brought back memories of GPL and WSBK. Hope it gets finished.
  7. Fernando Zamora
    Fernando Zamora
    Version: 1
    Great Classic track, but incomplete work (textures, cams, ai ...). I m waiting long time for this track for AC. Need some additional work for AC standards
  8. mantasisg
    Version: 1
    This is a great track for sure, I like it, could be a keeper. But -1 star because no proper overview, we even don't know if there was permission given. Also -1 star because it is straight from GPL era, no improvements. Then -1 star because shaders are bad, which kills it ultimately. This is rushed release. Do it better, and I'll gladly replace 3stars to 5stars (if it means anything to you).
  9. cheeveer
    Version: 1
    rF conversion without proper cameras. Needs some work to bring to AC standard. It's a good base!
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