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'73 Toyota Celica Data Replacement 1.0

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My handle is OldRebel because I'm kind of old (63) and I've always been a rebel. I remember the first generation Celica very well. It was Toyota's idea of a Japanese car with a Mustang theme. It made a big splash in the marketplace at the time. So when I discovered a download on A******land for two versions of the '73 Celica I had to give it a go. The original model was apparently made as a drift car and is credited to an author named 'Tovey'. A secondary modder by the handle of 'de carrera' modded the original drift cars to be normal track machines. Thank you to both for such a great car to work with. Although I could tell the 'bones' of these two cars were really quite good I was not happy with how they drove. This data replacement mainly addresses the steering but also involves minor changes to the brakes, the final drive ratio selection, and an additional tire selection for the RS version. The CS named version is stated as 137bhp and the RS is 235bhp. The real star here is actually the lower hp CS version. It is absolute magic. If you really want to spend a whole day driving one car out of your stable select the CS car and pick your favorite road course.
Installation---Go to A******land and into the Toyota section. Download 'Toyota Celica Club Sport 1973 (2in 1). Install these cars as you would normally. Open the download folder I am providing here and paste the two car folders you find over top of the ones you just installed. Click 'yes' to overwrite when asked. That's it. If you would like to try different sound packs for these cars I am using the sound from the 'Toyota MR2 Tom's' car for the CS and the S1 sound pack from the Alfa Romeo Spider 86 Quadrifoglio for the RS car. Both cars are on A******land.
Like many of us I have hundreds of cars. That little CS Celica just rocketed right up into my top three favorite cars. Enjoy!

**UPDATE****IMPORTANT**** Please see the instructions in the 1.0 update for proper installation of the GT model.

Latest updates

  1. GT Model Addition

    Well, we always like more power right? This update adds a GT model based on the CS version that...

Latest reviews

Many thanks for making the physics for this car. It's tons of fun to drive now. 5/5
This car feels amazing. Thank you for doing this. These cars are my dream cars and I'm glad you have given me a chance to drive one.
Nice update thanks. I appreciate your hard work and time you have put into this but buggered if I can make the GT work. Keep getting Unexpected error through CM. Love these cars I had a '77 RA28 and would lave to have today.
Hi. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Please click on the 'Discussion' tab above this overview page to see my hopefully helpful response.
Thank you so much OldRebel. I always get excited when attention is given to my favorite cars of the 70s!
You're welcome. I miss the cars from the 60's and 70's. They had character. Thanks for the stars.
Much Better Thanks! appreciate the work ..
Awesome change to the car OldRebel. . lol was my first car. and Blast to drive, Thanks
Thank you for the comment and the stars. I could tell it was a great platform to start with. It just needed a little tweaking to bring it into line. I wanted one of those cars back in the day so its fun to play with now.
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