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#64 488 GT3 Qirex RD

#64 488 GT3 Qirex RD 2.0

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About the carving on the dashboard : in the Wipeout lore Arian Tetsuo is an aggressive pilot who has a fierce rivalry with her twin sister Arial. I wanted to reflect that by suggesting her going mental after a bad race and carving out the dashboard of her own car. If you do not like it for whatever reason simply delete INT_Cockpit_OCC.dds and INT_Cockpit_OCC.map.

Compatible with @M4MKey 's light config

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4.96 star(s) 24 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Shader patch update

    - updated skin_map to bring the livery closer to what I wanted to do thanks to the paint...
  2. Fixes for 1.15 template changes

    - renamed ext_glass to ext_glass_front - fixed ext_carbon_extractor

Latest reviews

Have to agree with the template part, AC's UV mapping really is garbage...
Excellent work as always! 5/5
Beautiful !
I liked the car body, helmet, racing suit and unified design and its finished quality.
Incredible Style, looks awesome! Favorite Skin for hotlapping
Amazing work! :)
Amazing design, ty!
Nice skin, thanks for making it for one of my favourite cars :D!
Awesome paint ! thanks to share my friend !
Amazing skin, top marks mate
Your work never, ever, disappoints. Brilliant stuff - especially with such awkward templates. Always get excited to see new work from you!
Just superb,thank you.
I used to be somekind of Top Player at WipEout :) Good to combine my first favorite Ship, Quirex, that I started to use in WipEout 2097 ;) please more of these :D
Like the puprle !
really wonderful work, hats of to your efforts and putting so much into these templates, I gave up on the C7R and 458 GT2, so looking forward to more of your work! AAA+ for creativity!
again many thanks for sharing with us!
Awesome work!!!
Top work as always! And thank you for th .psd files, very appreciated!
Absolutely mega!
Great skin, there is another one on the Aston martin from another game....nicely done congratulations and thank you very much
Amazing job. This goes great with the Auricom skin for the C7R :D
That is spectacular work.