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#64 488 GT3 Qirex RD

#64 488 GT3 Qirex RD 2.0

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About the carving on the dashboard : in the Wipeout lore Arian Tetsuo is an aggressive pilot who has a fierce rivalry with her twin sister Arial. I wanted to reflect that by suggesting her going mental after a bad race and carving out the dashboard of her own car. If you do not like it for whatever reason simply delete INT_Cockpit_OCC.dds and INT_Cockpit_OCC.map.

Compatible with @M4MKey 's light config

.psd files
Uncompressed textures
Uncompressed screenshots

Latest updates

  1. Shader patch update

    - updated skin_map to bring the livery closer to what I wanted to do thanks to the paint...
  2. Fixes for 1.15 template changes

    - renamed ext_glass to ext_glass_front - fixed ext_carbon_extractor

Latest reviews

Just brilliant, the design and attention to detail are fantastic. Thanks a lot !
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Have to agree with the template part, AC's UV mapping really is garbage...
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Excellent work as always! 5/5
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Beautiful !
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I liked the car body, helmet, racing suit and unified design and its finished quality.
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Incredible Style, looks awesome! Favorite Skin for hotlapping
Upvote 0
Amazing work! :)
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Amazing design, ty!
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Nice skin, thanks for making it for one of my favourite cars :D!
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Awesome paint ! thanks to share my friend !
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Amazing skin, top marks mate
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Your work never, ever, disappoints. Brilliant stuff - especially with such awkward templates. Always get excited to see new work from you!
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Just superb,thank you.
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I used to be somekind of Top Player at WipEout :) Good to combine my first favorite Ship, Quirex, that I started to use in WipEout 2097 ;) please more of these :D
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Like the puprle !
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really wonderful work, hats of to your efforts and putting so much into these templates, I gave up on the C7R and 458 GT2, so looking forward to more of your work! AAA+ for creativity!
again many thanks for sharing with us!
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Awesome work!!!
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Top work as always! And thank you for th .psd files, very appreciated!
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