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60s hockenheim keiner kurs - f3 classics tracks 1.1

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Hello to everyone!!
Today is time to present my last addition to AC, the Hockenheim's short course, as it looks back on 60's.
Track lenght is 2.6 Kms and had a mix of nice turns, not a fast circuit at all but great for low powered cars as Alfa Romeo Giulia or a F3 car (if someday we got one).
I try to represent a 60's looking Hockenheim, base on many pictures and vids i had, as usual with all my tracks, enviroment represent a mix of real stuff, and some of my imagination, mainly with crowds, paddock, advertising and race weekend stuff.
I had to say i'm happy with final result, i feel at a 60's race weekend everytime i fire up track.
I hope to improve track on future if necessary.
I try track many time and everything seems to work OK.

Know Issues:
  1. . Show Map function does not work property.
  2. . Maybe there is problem with some collision object.
  3. . Haybales and others objects does not had collision yet ( not sure if there is a soft collision for haybales)
  4. . AI cars go out to qualy but raced at slow speed.
It is not allowed to host track zip file at a different site, if you want to host track please contact to me first.
  • It is not allowed to modified track, if you want to modified something ask me :)
  • All 3d objects are done by me , please if you want to use something for you track contact to me first.
  • I used some files from Kunos tracks as asph mask,tarmac detail and grovee, mainly because i dont know how to do this type of textures, yet :)
  • One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information
!!check some other track done by F3 Classics Tracks .

Please feel free to post/ask/request something you think it worthwhile for track improvement.

Enjoy it :)

Sergio Loro
F3 Classics Tracks
Sergio Loro
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Latest reviews

it is good but track map is missing. however, 5 stars ^-^
Fantastic atmosphere, really feels like I imagine the 60s :)
Thank you,only fantastic
Such a wonderful track - a perfect companion to the GP track which I have been glued to since the last update. You're doing a fantastic job keeping these tracks alive!
Many thanks!
In a word, awesome! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!
looks very good , nice track , needs a good set of replay cam and its perfect , thanks
Nice! Thanks!
A very nice and entertaining track just like the other tracks in your 1960:s series. I enjoy them all so much. Unfortunately i wasn't old enough to visit the tracks back in the sixties, but you've done a great job capturing the spirit as i would imagine it was. Thanks!
I have all three of your tracks. All three are really entertaining for me as I became a racing fan in the early 1960's. I especially enjoy these tracks as much if not more than those in GPL from years ago. Your work is exemplary. I would hope that this is not your last endeavor. Try the Honda S800 RSC by A3DR on both this track and your 60s Ahvenisto. And yes, they are perfect for the GTA. I would like to see a some sort of Cooper F3 or similar car from the early 1960s. I am wondering if A3DR might have an MGB sketched out somewhere. 30 Bugeye Sprites would look marvelous flying around on of your circuits. Thank you for your work.
I like it very much, but the trees on the left side of the road look a bit too light. And there could be fewer people in the ranks.
Maybe a snow version? (°⌣°)
Nice update , very good track , as for immersion it is perfect with the 718 Spyder . The scenarie is right on the spot for those years realy good work. If someone can add an accurate map it would be appreciated.

Ty for sharing

map, outline by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - Sergio Loro - Track Mod - 60s hockenheim keiner kurs - f3 classics tracks 080 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - Sergio Loro - Track Mod - 60s hockenheim keiner kurs - f3 classics tracks 080 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
fantastico grazie
I'm waiting for the full layout.
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
soon my friend, we are planting grass all around the long straights :)
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
nice to know all of you enjoy this track :)
At a really high level of quality. Love it!
Very cool....Thanks for this!
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