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60's Hockenheim Grand Prix/National Circuit - F3 Classic Tracks

60's Hockenheim Grand Prix/National Circuit - F3 Classic Tracks 1.1

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Hello to everyone!
Now is time to present the Hockenheim full GP circuit, as it was at mid 60's, thats mean "NO" chicanes.
Track is great for racing, and I hope everyone enjoy it.
This track is special for all lovers of 60's era, since here Jim Clark found death. I try to build track as it looks on its first years, before armco and curbs was add.
Thanks to Mantasigs and DuchtDevil79 for test this track.
If you think track need some fix, please report here.
I really hope you enjoy it :O_o:

Sergio Loro
F3 Classics Tracks.

PD Note : this track replace the old tracks (gp and short), both include in this folder, i recommend you to delete previus track folders before install this or it can cause problems.


Sergio Loro
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Latest updates

  1. A lot of fixs!

    Hi there!! This is a updated for this lovely circuit, some of fix : Reduce Bump effect at long...

Latest reviews

Thanks a lot for all that's you have done for the community, if AC is still alive now it is thanks to people like you!
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
thank you!!
Had tons of fun driving around this circuit with 60's Formula 1 cars. Thank you for sharing it!
excellent track, i love the nature and drive through the forests and the many trees on the side of the track. love it.
Amazing Thx Sergio
Amazing, great job!
Fantastic work as always Sergio, glad to see you are still around and producing masterpieces for us. Thank You.
All of your tracks are simply amazing. I really hope to see more from you. Your work is fantastic ! Congratulations and thanks.
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
Thank you! Glad to know all of you enjoy my tracks :) for sure there will be more F3 Classict Tracks projects :)
Thank you for this wonderful track! My only "complaint" is that compared to your other mods (Ahvenisto, Elaintarharata) the physical mesh on Hockenheim seems to be a bit too low. I mean that, compared to Kunos tracks, or your other tracks, I can feel almost no bumps and no noise while driving. Perhaps because the pavement was new in those 60s-days so that it was really that flat :-)
Please continue your wonderful work! Thank you!
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
Thank you. You are right, the 3d mesh is quite simply in terms ond noice /bumps, mainly because my wheel stop to work and make this with out FFB is a nightmare, so i decided to do it this way until i got a wheel with FFB.
Many thanks!
Hey Segio, thanks for the update. This made an excellent track an EPIC track. Awesome stuff, thank you for all your hard work.
Great work. Used the track with the Lotus 49, which was big fun.
The extra piece of asphalt in the corner between the two straights saved my butt twice today ... ;-)
Forest looks great, my single 980 TI on triple 27" 144 Hz can just handle it. FPS 46-60, but still fluid.

About the billboards...someone mentioned 'Fleischmarkt' which could be, but I feel it should read Frischmarkt.
Anyway... great track...fun to drive, thanks.
Thank You fot this track.
The one and only Sergio Loro, Ladies and Gentlemen. Still bringing us excellent historic tracks after all these years.

Kids may not appreciate the long, uninvolved layout, but it is how it was back then, and why so many people died on these kind of tracks. Flat out, no safety. One mistake or mechanical fault at the wrong time, you weren`t going home. We have it lucky, sitting in a comfortable chair, enjoying the thrill without the risk. Many didn`t.

Thanks Sergio. Always a pleasure driving your tracks.
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
back 2004 i released my first track for GPL, a crappy looking Vallelunga, actually it had all wrong, altitudes, track direction, ambient....a long path since that day :)
Great to see these classic tracks appearing in the sim world. Thanks for the work and effort put into this. A favourite track already :)
Awesome track mate, this is a MUST HAVE MOD.
if you would indulge me though, it may need some optimization on the straight between the trees for fps. I noticed that there is a fps drop there, if you would be as kind as to have a look? My system is quite strong as I run triple screen with 980-sli and it struggles at about 53 fps from 70fps+ for the length of that section. Other users my not experience the fps drop as significantly on a single display but a little fiddling would be much appreciated.
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
thanks for all that kind of words :)
if you want to take a shot to area where is FPS problem and send to me so i can focus to fix this issue :)
OMG what a great Track! u need really balls to drive the 917K on this track
Great track, top work, as with the short version too!
Just 2 little typos in the wall-ads in the last corner: I think it should say "Fleischmarkt AHRBERG" and "EDUSCHO KAFFEE". ;-)
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
thanks for point this, fixed for upcoming update :)
It's great. Thank you. The colours may be a little oversaturated.
Very good mod, as usual ;)
I love it!

Assetto Corsa - Sergio Loro - Track Mod - 60's Hockenheim Grand Prix Circuit - F3 Classic Tracks 1.00 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - Sergio Loro - Track Mod - 60's Hockenheim Grand Prix Circuit - F3 Classic Tracks 1.00 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Amazing, great job! Only a few things: better forest immersion (add another row of trees? but maybe it's not like in real life so not very sure about this one), better mud (i think it's mud but perhaps it's gravel?) textures, and a warmer illumination. How ever, the track looks beautiful!
very nice , good work , thanks a lot