60's Ahvenisto - Finland - F3 Classic Tracks

60's Ahvenisto - Finland - F3 Classic Tracks 1.20

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Hi all!
Version 1.20
Whats new :
New sandbag texture.
Add concrete stairs at paddock area.
Marshall's flags now fully 3D.
Atlas Material for 3D Marshalls.
Atlas Material for firetruck.
Atlas Material for Neste truck.
New mapping for T1/T2 outer terrain, it feels more natural now.
Corret lighting for all objects and trees.
New AI file.

I hope you enjoy this track much as i do :)
thanks for driving Ahvenisto :)

Sergio Loro
F3 Classic Tracks
Hi all!
This new update contains :
Removed extreme bumps at some point of tracks.
New Forest, with correct pivot point and lighting.
A bunch of new terrain textures.
Asphalt lighting.
Fix some Shaders values.
Check of drawing distances to improve FPS.
and many others fixs.

I feel this is the best i can get with this 3d mesh, i hope next tracks (Hockenheim i.e.) get same level of detail or even higher.
I hope you enjoy new updated much as i do :)
Now is time to make a new update for Hockenheim.

Sergio Loro
F3 Classics Tracks


Hi all!
Here is a small fix for this track.
I check some of the textures and like some users note, some one where to saturaded.
I tried the textures remain as homogeneous as possible.
I used Chris Kennedy Natural Graphics Mod filter for testing, to be honest i like how track looks now.
Please if you note some textures that requires some more tweak, please post a screenshot.
Other Fix :
New vauhdikas elite banner, fix houleton spell, fix helsikin spell, move a marshalls that stick his leg at armco, move a camera guy hided behind a banner.
I also made many small fix to shaders/material settings.
This is last update for a while, now i had a trip to Monaco.
I whish you enjoy this much as i do :)
Ciao and thanks

Sergio Loro


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