60's Ahvenisto - Finland - F3 Classic Tracks

60's Ahvenisto - Finland - F3 Classic Tracks 1.20

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wow, what a great driving flow through the curves, up and downs. Thumbs up from me.
Awesome ! Thx Sergio
Awesome !
Great thanks Sergio. You got the FFB really nice, incredible without a FFB wheel of your own!
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
Thanks :) yes! now i even had pedals working :)
Lovely track!
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
Thanks :)
Great job!

Assetto Corsa - Sergio Loro - Track Mod - 60's Ahvenisto - Finland - F3 Classic (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - Sergio Loro - Track Mod - 60's Ahvenisto - Finland - F3 Classic (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Absolutely stunning. I'd never heard of this track and now its one of my favorites. Glad to hear your next project is Zandy. I've loved that track since the GPL days.
Beautiful work, Thx !
Many thanks!
Excellent work and is very nice to see forgiven classic tracks in the game. Ty so much for your work.
Many thanks - top quality! :)
Very good job. Thanks
love the "club" feel and fun to drive.
Tarmac now too dark for my taste though.
Quite a good start on the roadmesh and great looks with so much attention to detail! :-)
Excellent work as always. Fun and bumpy, authentic 60s vibe.
Many thanks for the update!
I know this track from GTL and GTR2 and Race 07
its nice and fun to drive!
Now it looks a bit better... thanks for your work!
Thanks - Looks good! :)
Very well done, a great track for the Caterham.
Thank you.
So far, very good! really like the bumpiness.

Thank you!
Great stuff! Really a fantastic track, looks great, can't see any graphic flaws. Maybe cameras and AI can be better in 1.0
hi thxs for sharing
too bumpy
too much people on track
color too saturated
fun track
elevation changes
keep the good way
Good job
Thanks for sharing
Nice work!
Beautiful details. Animated flags and marshalls would add more life to the track. Maybe a bit more color balance in the textures?

I like the track surface a lot, it adds so much to the driving experience. No trouble with FFB. (G27, Lotus25)

Thank you!
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
add moveable objects is next item to learn about it.
great to know race surface feel alive :)
:) rf2 PLEASE :)
Sergio Loro
Sergio Loro
soon as RF2 work on my system again :)
tHANKS for sharing
will try now!