599xxevo LCD display Italia 1.0

Texture mod LCD display, displays revs from low to high in Italia colours (green-white -red)PLS RATE

  1. Grand Tourist
    replace the original LCD and LCD_off folder with this one in the texture folder of the 599xxevo. Keep in mind, keep the original LCD folder in a different place so you can always restore it if you're tired 2014-06-29_00003 (2).jpg 2014-06-29_00003.jpg of it or you don't like it.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 1.0
    wonderfull man.
  2. Giant dwarf
    Giant dwarf
    Version: 2014-07-02
    I agree with Bernd Graf it would be sick if ferrari did this
  3. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 2014-07-02
    Ferrari Should be doing this.