4DoorFerndale 1.4

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finally, the Ferndale has 4 doors this mod is compatible with the secondferndale from the zip file
BrennFuchS YT
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Latest updates

  1. fixed Lag, last update for Race Dept.

  2. fixes all issues now

    smh my head
  3. fixed issue

    the mod refused to load
  4. Little fix

    forgot to add a line

Latest reviews

Wow, AssetBandle is included in the dll...? (◎_◎) I noticed now...
really simple, but very good! do you think you could make it work with the stock ferndale mod?
The work you did is awesome, but I have problems with all this 3 mods running properly, here are some bugs I found: Ferndale always disappears when I load my save so I have to reset it all the time, I had to restart my game because Ferndale got glitched into some invisible thing that *threw it out* somewhere, there's a scoop left from the Fleetari's Ferndale on *stock* version of Ferndale. Do you have any ideas how to fix this? If yes, please help me out!
Thanks, dude. i always wondered why you cant open the back doors :D