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3D Map

3D Map 1.1.2

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Apps to display a 3D map.
Since the course map is automatically generated by reading the road surface right and left boundary information contained in fast_lane.ai, it will work if it is a course that includes AI setting.


Included Configration Tool:

More information:
Assetto Corsa Japan LABS - Addon - 3D Map Apps

Latest updates

  1. 20/11/21 - 1.1.2

    Fixed the difference between the node of the drawn map and the actual node a little bit of...
  2. minor change

    Fixed an issue where the app couldn't load
  3. 20/05/17 - 1.1.0

    Added self-car name tag display function Change brightness of car icon by distance

Latest reviews

Please if you can make some app like, available in some cars like c7R, 911 rsr on dashboard to indicate when tyres are slipping if possible when brake lockups too. very simply one or two color[tyre slipping blue, if brake lock up available like red] some with few led lights for all cars in ac. Very much appreciated. Thanks
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It's a great addition other than the stock map app from Kunos, will be perfect if you can fix the weird performance loss when using this app, though.
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May be be useful, but kills FPS even on low setting.
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I dont see the track map in this APP, i see distance and names of the rivals but dont see the turns or straigh map :( I need help, thanks.
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feature for brakemarkerzones and height would be nice (e.g. Mount Panorama, Akina, Laguna Seca) where elevation changes come into things
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Great app, but could you please enable some customization of the car "icons" on the map? (for example change their size, shape or color) i find that the opponnent icons are small and my car white color on white track background is not very clearly visible. thanks
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Must have! But I cant see the road surface even on Spa by Kunos. Fast_lane.ai presens in the "ai" folder
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hi. Looks like a perfect app but i cant install. after past files on AC folder I dont see App on Assetto. somebody can help me?
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Great app, but an FPS killer if you have a slower CPU. Costs about 20fps when enabled on my system with 8 other cars. (i5 4690k @4Ghz)
Thank you for feedback, tried low quality setting?
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Muchas Gracias =)
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My god... Thank you so much man
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Fantastic app
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Absolutely fantastic!
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0k Gracias ;)
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great job really ! a mix of map and helicorsa
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Beautiful and effective!
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