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#3 Rebellion Racing 2019 24h Le Mans

#3 Rebellion Racing 2019 24h Le Mans 1.0

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Rebellion Racing No.3 from the 2019 24H of Le Mans, the Art Car.
After at least 25+ hours of working on this livery its finally done.
Tried to make it as accurate as possible, what was'nt really easy.
Because if you search the internet for good pictures, there are not many,
and those do not cover every angle and it seems like Rebellion changed the livery
like every session. And of course the car had an big accident during the race, where
they changed to a black front, propably from the No1 car and in some pictures it also has a black rear end...
The Pictures from the livery presentation are also complety different, even the colours are different...
So i focused on the car that raced and based the livery of it as good as possible.
I hope you like it, i'm like 95% happy with how it turned out and i'm sure i will
never do anything this complicated again :D
The Livery is for the Sim Drim Development Rebellion R13 (WEC LMP1 Pack2). It does'nt work with the Oreca 07 cars!

Latest reviews

Thank You very much for this beautiful Rebellion!
I'm so happy someone finally made this! I was there last year and I've been trying to get as many cars from the grid together as possible, and as I was supporting the #3 Rebellion this was the one I most wanted to see! It's a shame they had such a hard race but I guess that's Le Mans. I'd love to see the #1 skin for obvious reasons, but of course that's all in your hands :)

Thankyou for taking the time to make such an important skin, and to do it so well too :)
Great job and hope for #1 :)
Beautiful Work! My utmost respect!
Wow the detail! Thanks for this!
Fantastic, Please also n1 :)
Finally!! Great job! i was hoping so long for someone to make these
I can immagine how hard this skin was...excellent work man!
Thanks man. Yes, the template made it even harder :D
THX, Any Chance for the No.1 car, ore some toyotas?
Maybe, but for now i stick with some easy ones. But i already have some good pics of the No.1 car
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