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#3 Penske Pennzoil Scott McLaughlin Indy 500 (RSS Formula Americas 2020)

#3 Penske Pennzoil Scott McLaughlin Indy 500 (RSS Formula Americas 2020) 1.1

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Hello everyone. I was worried nobody did this livery for this car when it's the most famous livery in the series. So here you all have. If I get good support from this maybe I will do Castroneves version and the road version of it (it's not included)

Helmet is done, but suit is not. It will be included in future versions along a 3d model add-on for the aeroscreen zone.


If something is wrong compared to real life (because there is always a sticker change) just tell me and I will try to update it in the future. Don't expect this to be 8k as my pc cannot handle it properly :)

I will try whatever I can do to upgrade the quality of the lines in the future, but as you may (or not) know, this car has the worst mesh quality and texture template from RSS and I can't fix that by any sophisticated image processor (as I mentioned before)

Anyway, this is where you can buy the car:

The Indy500 tyres are from here (I think it's this post)

Credits to Mahad for the "RSS Formula America onboard real logos"

Latest updates

  1. Road version added

    Road version has been added. This livery don't have a specific road course livery so I copied...

Latest reviews

Sorry my ignorance but how do i can apply this liverys/skins? what is needed? Thank you in advance
Drag the 'rss_formula_americas_2020_oval' and 'rss_formula_americas_2020' folders into 'cars' folder (SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > assettocorsa > content > cars). Feel free to pm if you have any doubt
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Great work for the legendary yellow Pennzoil skin ! ;-)
Thank you very much.
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awesome any chance of the ppg car down the line?
The rainbow pattern is very hard to find and to do, so I don't think so D:
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2 words: Best Skin
Thanks :) I will try to improve it if I see something new these weeks
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Was literally looking for this. Looks amazing. Hopefully, we get a road version. So surprised it took so long for this car to be made for this car seeming how iconic the livery is.
Glad you like it. It was weird nobody did this livery for this car, so I decided to end with that ;) There might be a road version
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