2ND Mercedes AMG F1 Team [Replaces Manor] 1.0

A new team owned by Mercedes replacing Manor!

  1. Moltes
    This Livery replaces the Manor with a new Mercedes owned racing team.

    STORY: Manor could not handle its financial problems and it was forced to sell the Formula 1 team. Mercedes purchased the whole team keeping the original drivers and now Mercedes is just like the Red Bull team, it has another smaller team to train young drivers who will potentially replace the current Mercedes drivers in the future.

    Just thought it was a good idea to put my story idea here so you know why I made this livery :) obviously you can make up your own story for why mercedes bought Manor. I think it makes a great Career....you start in this 2nd Mercedes team and after 1-2 seasons or even half a season if you are that good you can join the 1st mercedes team, just like Verstappen did with the TR to RB in mid season.

    Future plans are to replace the driver suits with the correct colours as well as the teams.

    Hope you enjoy this little "mod" and if you have any ideas on what to change or fix feel free to write a review.


    1. Front.jpg
    2. Left Side.jpg
    3. Right Side.jpg
    4. TCAM.jpg
    5. Wing Behind.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. MadPlayz
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks for the great mod i wonder if I'm the only one using this season 2 Career mod great mod.
  2. josildo
    Version: 1.0
    adorei era o que eu tava esperando
    1. Moltes
      Author's Response
      Estou feliz por ter gostado :)
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