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2KF1 Season 3 FFG v0.9

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To celebrate the third season of Formula FG (found here at RaceDepartment), 2KF1 Racing have taken on the 2009 Williams FW31 shape and now can give the public the opportunity to race our cars on Assetto Corsa too!

The new 2KF1 KR-10 will make its debut at the S3 Australian FFG Grand Prix on the 8th of October, allowing users to follow the FFG season as we travel to Spa, Monza, Zandvoort and other tracks too.

This is not the final version, as a testing livery will also be provided in the near future, once it is finished to a high standard.
Sig's helmet is courtesy of Tony and friends (authors of the 2005 mod for GP4).

Thanks to Formula Corsa for the FW31.

If there are any problems, say so and I'll try (try) to fix it. This will get updated in due time anyway though.
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