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24h of Le Mans 2000 Den Blå Avis Panoz

24h of Le Mans 2000 Den Blå Avis Panoz 1.0

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The last remaining 2000 24 Hours Le Mans privateer skin for the VRC Pavey. There was a request for this skin, so without further ado...

#10 Den Blå Avis Panoz LMP-S (Graf/Baldi/Nielsen)


With a special thanks to bumblebeetuna for the 24 Hours of Le Mans decals​

Latest reviews

Great stuff, thanks
Fantastic work with this! Would LOVE to see more Le Mans 2000 content for the VRC prototype cars, I know it's not the exact same car but the Cadillac Racing and DAMS entries on the Cadenza would be incredible.
Awesome work! Always nice to see more great skins for this car.
I need more stars to rate ! ;-)
Thanks a lot for making/sharing this beautiful skin.
I am VERY happy with it :-)
Great skin for this car, thank you so much for sharing it and your talent here ! ;-)
I think Fanapryde will be pleased to enjoy it.
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7.6 MB
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