#22 Puma Huracan GT3

#22 Puma Huracan GT3 1.15

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21.6 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 52 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Wrong file names corrected

    - added helmet_2012_glass.dds - renamed 2016_Gloves_DIFF_NM.dds to 2016_Gloves_NM.dds - renamed...
  2. 1.5 patch update

    - new driver suit and gloves - new helmet - added ac_crew.dds - added crew suits - updated .psd...

Latest reviews

Thats an absolute belter !!
Awesome, Thanks! nice work
Pure beauty, a jewel ! <3
Thank you so much for your work and the share. ;-)
amazing skin!
you are op
Amazing work! :)
KOOL SKIN!!! * Downloaded * Many THANX!
Great work, everything matches, even the preview. TOP !
This is a fantastic looking skin.

Bravo Mate!
I very rarely download skins, except for color packs. Every now and then I come across a skin that looks exceptionally special to me. This is one of those skins. Absolutely stunning in every detail. A bad skin will make a great model look terrible. An incredible skin will make a 3D model almost indistinguishable from the real thing. That is the level of quality I see with this skin. Thank you...
Epic skin. Well done and thank for sharing.
I just have to love this. Thanx! it's Awsome
Niiice!!! you make some of the best skins around here, keep it up! and ty for sharing.
Great work, excellent!
Waht PP Filter do you use?
Natural Graphics Mod, though the screens for this livery are pretty outdated because AC got several graphics updates since then. :)
The skin makes the car, thanks
Thanks for the update - still very good ;)
Cool and quality skin , cheers and thanks mate ! :)
Top job. How did you manage to match Kunos-style previews? I'd like to know that so as to update my mod car previews.
Thank you :)
Look in the \sdk\dev directory, Kunos added their own preview builder with the 1.5 update.
Brilliant work!