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2021 Season Mod By Krisdix & AlexZafro 2017-08-01

2021 Fantasy Season Mod

  1. Kris
    2021 Season Mod

    This season mod is a fantasy season in the 2021 season


    Teams & Drivers:
    • Ferrari - Ricciardo - Giovinazzi
    • Mercedes Vettel - Ocon
    • Volkswagen AlexZAfro - Sutil
    • Williams Stroll - Kari
    • Skoda - Verstappen - Bottas
    • McLaren - Hamilton - Sainz
    • BMW Sauber - Wehrlein - Hulkenberg
    • Toyota - Fukuzumi - Ghiotto
    • Prema - Gasly - Leclerc
    • Aston - Grosjean - Russell
    • Haas - Schumacher - Ferrucci

    All the cars and teams were made to specifications of Alex :)

    The readme file of how to install the mod :)


    Watch AlexZAfro's Season so far!!!

    Markus99 Mods Included:



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Recent Reviews

  1. alexbaldwin
    Version: 2017-08-01
    Thanks again dude! So much fun playing with this mod, and to other users - Apologies for my strange team/driver choices ;)
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