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2020 Ferrari of Houston 488 EVO Challenge Car

2020 Ferrari of Houston 488 EVO Challenge Car 1.0

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Hello Everyone,

Since the real car is for sale on DuPont Registry and not racing; I brought it here. I made it to what I think it would have looked like with it's real driver name on the car. The suit will be coming in a future update. In the mean time enjoy the skin.

The real car: https://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/listing/2020/ferrari/488--challenge/2270645

The skin goes here: E:\Steam Library 2020\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_ferrari_488_challenge_evo\skins\162_Ferarri of Houston

or whatever drive your install pathway is.

Enjoy racers!


20200817002548_1.jpg 20200817002534_1.jpg 20200817002554_1.jpg

Latest reviews

Great work, very high quality skin.
Thank you Isaac ;)
Looked great at Watkins Glen, good job matey!
Isaac Chavira
Isaac Chavira
Glad you enjoyed it! I'm doing the Weathertech car now. =o)
Nice addition, thanks a lot ! ;-)
Isaac Chavira
Isaac Chavira
You're very welcome!
Isaac Chavira
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