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2020 F1 skin pack for Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose

2020 F1 skin pack for Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose 3.0

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2021 pack here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2021-f1-skin-pack-pessio-garage-rd1-porknose.39927/

Now you can drive 2020 Formula One with a real car instead of a hybrid spaceship :D 2020 F1 skinpack for Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose. Includes all teams and all drivers, plus alternate versions and extra drivers, a total of 35 skins!

In addition to the 20 regular liveries, this pack also includes extra versions of Alfa Romeo (snakeskin Valentine's day shakedown livery), Ferrari (1000th GP versions), Haas (#51 Fittipaldi) Mercedes (the original silver color, also #63 Russell), Renault (black pre-season liveries and #14 Alonso skin), Racing Point (#27 Hülkenberg) and Williams (Rokit livery, and #89 Aitken).

Skinpack includes massive amount of details, such as: gauges, steering wheels, custom cockpits, gearboxes, Pirelli tires, frames, exhausts, rims, stitching, springs etc. However these skins are very performance friendly despite the large amount of detail as I have kept texture resolutions low, in some cases lower than default.


details – kopio.png
alternate skins.png

cockpits – kopio.png

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Latest updates

  1. CSP configs, various other bits

    Basically stuff I made for the 2021 skins, might as well update the 2020 skins with them too...
  2. Added Sakhir liveries. Also better numbers on Williams

    Added Haas #51 Fittipaldi, Mercedes #63 Russell, Williams #89 Aitken
  3. Rainbows! Also new gauges for Gio and Bot

    Redid the whole side stripe on McLaren and added some rainbows. Everyone loves rainbows, right...

Latest reviews

0k =)
WOW! The amount of detail in this add-on package for the Porknose is truly amazing! Fantastic work. A great addition to a great car. Thank you.
Thank you for the amazing work on the skins - I am uncertain if I have the latest version of the car itself as the sounds is not what I would expect representative of this quality mod. Can you verify the latest version of the mod please?
0k Thank =)
Really cool and fun, thank you ;-)
2 Skins alfa romeo snakeskin 7 & 99 thank =)
Brilliant detail and continuous support with regular updates to touch up any inconsistencies and even adding alternative drivers or even extra one-off liveries shown by the team.
wow :-) thank you
Thank you =) 0k Skins
Skins Car Pessio 0k Thank You =)
These are phenomenal! Well done!
Excellent work, thanks
0k Thank you =)
This is one detailed mod, keeps getting better with each update.
Absolutely GREAT! Thanks!
I love how you continue to improve the detail and accuracy of these skins with every update. Are racing suits and driver helmets in the pipeline?
Excellent skins and an excellent mod.
Video I enjoyed doing. Thanks again.
Great job !!!!!!!!!
0k =)
File size
65 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.95 star(s) 22 ratings