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2019_Ligier JSP-217_#23 Panis-Barthez Competition_LMP2 by Rollovers V1.0

2019_Ligier JSP-217_#23 Panis-Barthez Competition_LMP2 by Rollovers V1.0 2021-01-08

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Hello everyone

For the pleasure of all French peoples (like me) and others here, I reworked ENTIRELY a version of the Rollovers' skin for they Ligier JSP-217 LMP2. The skin is the "#23 Panis-Barthez Competition" whose ran the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans. A huge job was made on the textures and logos.
This skin is in 4096 x 4096 px (like my lastest realisation)

Extract to : Steam/steamapps/common/assetto corsa/content/cars/rollovers_ligier_jsp217/skins

All credit is to Rollovers and them modders !

Enjoy it !


Latest reviews

nice that you rework those skins, but already 2 of those the idec and this panis skin, are originally made by me and i dont see any credits nor any request to use those skins. a bit sad tho
I don't knew that was you, that why I said on ALLS my publications : "All credit is to Rollovers and them modders !"
So if i'm right, in "them modders" there is "them", so you're in ;)

And i'm sorry but put 3 stars just because you're not mentioned, it's a little bit hard, it's not representative of my work compare to yours...
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15.4 MB
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