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2019 N24 Rowe Racing #98 #99

2019 N24 Rowe Racing #98 #99 1.2.1

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Latest updates

  1. update 1.2.1

    Changed number plate size for N24 skin. Changed logo size and position for N24 skin. Changed...
  2. update 1.2

    Changed glow.dds for N24 skin. Changed headlight color to yellow. Fixed ext_config.ini.
  3. update 1.1

    Added VLN version.

Latest reviews

Fantastic skins! Keep up the great work!
Awesome update! But the numberplates on the N24 version are too small
Can you make te Walkenhorst car that run at this year 12 Bathurst

BTW Skin is amazing
Thank You very much for the Couple!
I ve been waiting for so long (Foreigner -Song )
Thanks, really good
Wow. Many thanks for the vln version. looks great. One question do you have plans for the walkenhorst or falken bmw as well
Looks good to me
Thank you
Cool Skin. Finally this car get some more attention. Is it possible for you to create the vln version from based on this skin
Yes. VLN version will be added at a later date.
amazing, thank you! any chance for any other N24h liveries?)
5 stars job !! thanks allot !!
Hi! Amazing skins as always! There is a way to make the glow.dds dissappear, so you can make the numberplates original size. If you want I can send you the solution!
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