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2019 D1GP HibinoTetsuya Silvia S14 Gulf Color Reprica

2019 D1GP HibinoTetsuya Silvia S14 Gulf Color Reprica v0.8

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Assetto corsa にて導入可能な「2019年 D1GP で「日比野哲也選手」が操る「Silvia S14 」ガルフカラーレプリカ」です。


*** ベースとなるMODが別途必要です。
*** MODの導入は自己責任でお願い致します。
*** 詳細はReadMeにて確認し、必要に応じて導入してください。

@ MOD本体の都合上、実車とは細部が異なります。

[Assetto Corsa] 2019 D1GP HibinoTetsuya Silvia S14 Gulf Color Reprica [Downloadable carskin]

---------------------- EN ---------------------------

It is "Silvia S14" Gulf Color Replica "operated by Tetsuya Hibino at 2019 D1GP, which can be introduced at Assetto corsa.

Correspondence Mod is an old model Ver, but I created it because it can be run without problems.
Skin Creator: Black-Coffee

*** Requires a separate base mod.
*** Please introduce MOD at your own risk.
*** Please check the details in ReadMe and install as required.

@ Due to the convenience of the MOD itself, the details are different from the actual car.
@Stickers were traced and made while looking at the document image etc. but there are different parts from the actual car.

Please confirm the download of the base vehicle in Youtube video details
showroom_1564790657.jpg BOSS_1_1.png BOSS_S1_1.png Showroom_w_boss_s14_high_hp_drift_3-7-2019-9-16-11.jpg
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