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2018 Virgin Australian Supercars Championship

2018 Virgin Australian Supercars Championship 1.0

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This is a cool event. My first attempt into the world of supercars. You have a new fan :) The car model suggested and liveries .. awesome love it.
Most of the tracks are on Racedept. Some are on google.
I found this useful
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Supercars_Championship as it lists the tracks. Took me like 20 minutes to find and download.

This would maybe get more attention if you listed the track names, in the description with some screenshots.
You bothered to put this together, and share it, I think it warrants more attention.
One track I'm sorry I can't seem to find, Newcastle 500.
This appears as event 30 and 31 in your championship.
As I'm desperate to go do this championship, I'm editing my local files, series supercars championship/.../career/series../event 30 event.ini event, description, and track to show Oran park, also event 31, with notepad.

https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/oran-park-lidar.41061/ . This means I can go have some fun without any fears of track not found error .
I had to do this to someone elses championship before as a track had gone from the internet.

If I can find Newcastle Street Circuit I'll change back, and if as fun as it looks you'll get a 5th star, then I'll grab your other events :)
Anyway thank you very much great championship, well put together, have a great day- and if you have a link for Newcastle please let me know. Thanks again kind regards M