2018 DTM Championship [Urd_T5_2018 mod needed] 3 careers

2018 DTM championship (3 versions)

  1. Mathieu Keller
    Welcome to the 2018 DTM Championship by Ze Fouf!

    New urd_T5_2018 Mod is required to play this career.

    You'll find it here: https://www.unitedracingdesign.net/


    All drivers (18 without Eckström who ran one race and the guest drivers as Zanardi and Ogier), official Audi and Mercedes skins for now (thanks to @dead end 's work) and URD skins (BMW), official calendar, all locations, real number of laps, weather and track temperatures based on reality, points system based on reality, opponents strenght based on the final leaderboard.

    There are three versions of the championship, one for each brand.

    The Misano race is a night event, for the people who doesn't have or doesn't want to install the shaders light patch and Assetto By night, I've also made a daily version of this event (check "Misano Day" folder included in each career).

    10 race week-ends so 20 events under this format:

    1x 25min of practice
    1x 20min of qualifying
    1x race of approximately 55min

    Try to win this year championship with Gary Pafett's Mercedes C63 AMG.

    All mods needed and links to download them are in the README HOW TO INSTALL file.

    I hope you'll enjoy it, have fun!!

    !!!!! It will be updated everytime that new skins are available!!!!

Recent Reviews

  1. ClaudioWRC74
    Version: 3 careers
    SUPER JOB Mathieu, je teste avec la Mercedes, hyper immersif, j'ai juste modifié pour ne pas utiliser le shader patch light et le assetto by night. Après 3 courses je valide déjà ton travail !
    1. Mathieu Keller
      Author's Response
      Yeah niquel!! Je ne sais pas si tu as vu mais dans chaque dossier series il y un fichier "Misano day" dans lequel tu trouveras les event 13 et 14 en version jour.
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