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2018 DPi-V.R Cadillac from Action Express and Juncos Racing 2019-07-04

Three 2019 DPi V.R Cadillac - Juncos, Whelen and Mustang Sampling

  1. rvieira
    The Cadillac DPi-V.R set for AMS simulator for RSS IMSA Mod. Here you can find the Juncos #50 car, driven by Will Owen, Rene Binder, Agustin Canapino, and Kyle Kaiser; Action Express - Mustang Sampling DPi Cadillac #5 of Felipe Albuquerque, João Barbosa and Brendon Hartley; and Action Express - Whelen DPi Cadillac #31 of Felipe Nasr, Pipo Derani and Eric Curran.

    The RAR file has 4K skins that can be heavy for some computer! Inside this file you can find another RAR (IMSA_LowRes.rar) that has 2048 skins. If needed, just replace the DDS files inside the folders.
    To install, just unrar the file inside \steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\RSS\IMSA\DPi_Cadillac_DPi-VR folder. Two new folders will be created: Action Express, and Juncos!

    Have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. deCarera
    Version: 2019-07-04
    Thank you for he beautiful skins and the heads up about these mods. IMSA is one of favorite series but these cars are not easy to find. Was able to find the download links on YouTube. The mod is still a WIP but great fun so I'm looking forward to it getting even better in future releases.
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