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2018 Corvette Racing C7.R - Daytona 24Hr #3 & #4

2018 Corvette Racing C7.R - Daytona 24Hr #3 & #4 1.1

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Presenting my first ever skin so hopefully you will like it!

Starting with the KS skin as a base for locations, colours, I have re-done everything myself in 4K texture. Note that I have only re-painted the bodywork texture file. The textures for the stickers on the glass and rear wing are from the original KS one.

Latest updates

  1. Small fixes

    Just some small fixes to make more accurate... Fixed flag wrong way around on right side doors...

Latest reviews

Excellent work brother. Welcome to the skinner club, glad to have you in our family.
It´s amazing. Could you make the skins for the Ferrari and the porsche from the Rolex 24h daytona 2018 to , please
Thanks. Will definitely think about the Porsche (RSR) as it's my favourite GT car in the game (especially with the sound mod!!). I've already had a request for the Audis as well so will see what I get time for ;-)
thanks a lot ! Like the new flags on the livery , great work
What a beautiful livery great job boy! I would like to understand what changes from livree 2017 compared to 2018? If you put me preview kunos official would be the top, thanks again!
Thanks! Love the new flags on the livery
ok, looks like every year. thx for your efforts
looks cool
The #4 car needs a black window banner
Thanks! I will fix soon.
It's just about perfect, but the American flag on the passenger side needs to be reversed so the blue Union is in the front. Just a pet peeve of mine. And I think the original KS skins had the same error. But great job other than that!
Thanks. I will fix soon!
thanks very nice
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