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2017 Career Helmet Template

2017 Career Helmet Template 1.2

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Hey guys,

This download is a bog standard red helmet with a 3D helmet so you can view what it will look like in game!

The installation instructions on how to install is here:

Here are some screenshots of what you can make happen ;)

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Latest updates

  1. Separated the layers

    Separated the base layer with the extra layers on top to incorporate a better design.
  2. Added optional helmet_s.tga

    Requested by Madotter

Latest reviews

Can somebody help me with how to actually creating the design? I have very limited Ps skills so I find it very hard to get my head around
No rear aerodynamic visor
Amazing mod!, i have been experimenting with different designs for different races, but how do i add effects to the paints like a glitter effect so i can use that at night races? would really appreciate the help!
Thanks! :D
Thank you very much for this awesome job!
keep it up.
For me it doesn't show up in game, I do everything you do, except a different design but the helmet is just the default helmet
After a few hours I got it working nicely. Didn't have to do the initial helmet colour thingy. From what I've seen multiplayer and classic time trials do not use the custom texture however. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/861732315872406419/C5CD9362B37AC1726C133D70C0953A607E52BD29/
You are an absolut legend
PERFECT! Thank you so much!!
I followed your instructions and it worked
It also works online for me I just tested
Great, thank you for the tutorial as well!