2017 Audi DTM skinpack [URD T5 Aura 2015]

2017 Audi DTM skinpack [URD T5 Aura 2015] 1.0

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dead end
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i have used your "hankoock" tyre from bmw or Mercedes :)
awesome, now if anybody would do the Mercedes the mod is fully skinned:)
Thanks a lot, nice skins!
Excellent! Thank you
Finally somebody is able to do these skins!
Perfect and much thanks.
Hopefully you can do the BMW and Merc skins as well.
Would be awesome to have the full grid.
Good job, I also look forward to Bmw and Mercedes, perfect preview livery, but logo tires are not original hankoocks but of the URD mod. You can correct? Thank you.
Looks clean
Merci super job !!!!
great pack......
Excellent skins, thanks for the upload!
Are you planing to do the BMW and Mercedes as well?
dead end
dead end
Yup, am working on it
Up to the nameplate you are making it properly. URD abandoned AC, but I feel enthusiasm for the skins you made.
many thanks
Excellent work, thanks a LOT ! ;-)
Finally some working skins for the 2015 mod. I had some for the other two cars, but the Audi was left behind, all skins were for the 2013 model (which I did not buy) and they did not fit obviously.
Really happy you made these ! :-)
Great Job!
Thank you!