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2016 V8SC - Redbull Racing + .veh .srs edited files 1.0

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EDIT: I have a couple ask about missing files... this dowload is like a patch and i took the assumption that people would already have the 2016 V8SC skins i had done already installed... if you don't please go install them all first and install this last, or it wont be patched properly...

im sorry about that. i should not have assumed anything. :)

SuperV8 Skin Red Bull 2016 - by Rob Fitness

I Hope this paint job brings enjoyment to your driving in this sim.

I have the 2016 cars in their own category.

My intent is to eventually make a seperate class for the 2016 livieries of the V8SC Series

please do not distribute anywhere else without permission.

please do not rip off my work, or parts thereof. Im happy to help you learn to do your own.

<<< installation >>>

Drop into you Automobilista or SCE Folder
X:\"STEAM INSTALL FOLDER"\steamapps\common\Automobilista

Car livery = By Rob Fitness
Driver Suit = By Rob Fitness (temp.)
Helmet = By Rob Fitness (temp.)
Pit Box = N/A

<<< UPDATE TO .VEH and ADDED SKIN BY Easton1 >>>

1. I have revised all the .veh files to enable them to be filtered properly. the info on how to do this was sourced and tested by @PieterN. THANKS
please overwrite all files on copying. Also the series file (.srs) had to be modified to include these skins. does this affect online.... NO IDEA.
original is included just in case.

2. Added the paint job of the #9 car of Erebus Motorsport that was painted by @Easton1 (thanks) and edited its .veh file to be included in the filtering.

UpDated some paint jobs.

Drop into you Automobilista or SCE Folder
X:\"STEAM INSTALL FOLDER"\steamapps\common\Automobilista

Rob Fitness
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48.2 MB
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Thanks again mate,love your work!!!!!
Loving your work, mate. Only probably I've found is the HRT team is missing the DDS file. Is that by default?

Keep up the great work though!
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
yes... i assumed everyone had the cars already and was just replacing files that needed fixing/updating
are those tires included, if not where an I get them?
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
the original tyre ( Dunlop Sportmaxx) i did not do, but i did add the chalk writing. I will ask for permission from the creator if i can upload our combined tire

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