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2016 Super Bowl 50 Corvette C7R skinpack 2.1

Super Bowl 50 skinpack with Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos skins for the Corvette C7R.

  1. Gatorade cooler update

    Added window stickers and orange gatorade cooler in the interior. This update is a forerunner for the upcoming SuperBowl LI (51) skinpack.
    preview_CPv2.jpg preview_DBv2.jpg
  2. 'anniversary' update - new driver textures + general skin improvements

    Just before the start of the 2017 NFL playoffs here is a update for the last years Super Bowl 50 skinpack.
    - improvements on the car textures (diffuse and map), glossy diffuser fixed
    - driver gloves and suits for the new driver model added
    - new preview images
    20170106212215_1.jpg 20170106211515_1.jpg preview_CPv2.jpg preview_DBv2.jpg
  3. Super Bowl 50 Corvette C7R skinpack

    - tweaks for the helmets and suits for drivers and crew members
    - adjustments on the skin_map for the compressed versions

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