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2016 Progressive V8SC Skin Pack + others 1.0

No permission to download
progress WIP SuperV8 Skin Pack
(all mine and @Easton1 skins for AMS to date)

(added 4 of my older skins to this update: HRT 2015 Star Wars Bathurst: 2012 Supercheap Auto, 2003 K-Mart Racing)

most skins= by @Rob Fitness

some skins= by @Easton1 (Rick) = Erebus Motorsport Team liveries :inlove:

.srs & .veh file editing help/advice/guidance by @PieterN :cool:

I am a beginner at this sort of thing and greatly appreciate any help and guidance, i have pushed my limits on paint and editing knowledge and skills already :DLOL.

this will add a image beside the Stadium trucks for this class. it will not have a backlit effect as per the other (I dont kow why yet) but if you click it, it will work
as per the other classes.

this is using slot series 21, so it may clash with other mods in development at this stage, but this is all im working on at the moment. it was reported that the cars on the bottom row were out of whack with their images with the skin install and .srs/veh tweaking going on... that wont happen with this install.

I Hope this paint job brings enjoyment to your driving in this sim.

I have the 2016 cars in their own category, and other years & fantasy skins seperated.

My intent is to eventually make a seperate class for the 2016 livieries of the V8SC Series

please do not distribute anywhere else without permission.

please do not rip off our work, or parts thereof. Im happy to help you learn to do your own.

<<< installation >>>

Drop into you Automobilista or SCE Folder and let it overwrite files.
X:\"STEAM INSTALL FOLDER"\steamapps\common\Automobilista

Rob Fitness
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Nice one Rob!
Can't wait for a full field, I could live with Ford, Nissan and Volvo skins on the Holden to flesh out that field.
Mod works a treat!! Really like what you did with the class system. Skins are epic. Great work...
Very nice set of skins, lots of work involved there. Thanks for your time! For the selection: it is unfortunately pretty difficult to add a new serie to the game atm; hopefully this will be possible in the future!
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
yer, we just decided today to work on it on the sly... until things settle with AMS and we know whats going on with .srs allocation etc.... starting to smell like race07 all over again.. I sincerely hope not.
Is anyone else having difficulty with the Shell Helix and Bottle-O skins not showing? I tried pasting them over the original teams and then I realised they are the old SCE template so won't show correctly.

Great work though. Can't wait for more!
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
That's my bad, I had been experimenting to get them to work, but at that stage was getting errors. Forgot to remove them before making the download, sorry about that.
i posted a 'fixed' class icon for this download, but it doesnt direct you to the cars, you end up with the stadium trucks, but if you click 'All cars and Trucks' then you will find them.

also i would like to get the original reiza21.srs & reiza21.tga files back if someone would like to post them please
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
You seem to be only one having the problem. If you just installed ALL the files in this you would have been fine. Don't pick through and just take skins etc.
Do not understand a seperate menu for 2016.
All carsdid that you would need 100s

Also you used the DTM mod series ( 21)
Rob Fitness
Rob Fitness
Because people get mismatch online and having them in the Series 15 misaligned the following cars icons ... Oh wait that's in the read me and the forum post!!!! If you know a better way. Let me know. Is there a register of taken series slots let me know.
Thank you,lovely work.
"i have pushed my limits on paint and editing knowledge and skills already"
And the results are awsome. Thanks a lot!
Excellent as usual Rob. Thanks