2016 Porsche 919 Jackie Chan DC Racing

2016 Porsche 919 Jackie Chan DC Racing 1.1

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I wanted to make a livery for an LMP car and stumbled on this... Challenge accepted :D
I picked the Porsche 919 2016 because of the 4 LMP cars in AC it looked most similar to the LMP2 Oreca, that this livery was originally on.
The livery took about 3 days to make. Some things aren't 100% accurate, like the window banner, due to poor glass texture mapping in AC. I'm kinda happy with the result though :)

Update 1.1
- Aligned the pattern between various body panels, so now it should all line up
- Fixed the hood for the #38 car, the white part wasn't supposed to extend all the way to the windshield
- Colored the canards red. I had actually done that in the PSD, just forgot to save them in DDS... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Latest updates

  1. Various fixes

    - Aligned the pattern between various body panels - Fixed the hood for the #38 car, the white...

Latest reviews

kudos for tackling the template mate. and oh, nicely done livery too.
Fantastic work ... You are a master ...Thank you
That works very well. Thanks for all the hard work!
Now thats a great idea. And a damn well executed one! Awesome.
Amazing job, well done!
Nice work, considering how difficult it be to skin this car.

Without begin too demanding, the seams issues on the doors mostly cost you almost 2 stars (it's easy to spot on the car 38 on 3rd screenshot). It would be great to fix those issues.
I fixed them :)
great work! hope to see more for this car in the future
Really great work. It looks amazing!
Incredible work mate! Great skins!