2015 Toro Rosso STR10 - Fantasy Yellow Skin

2015 Toro Rosso STR10 - Fantasy Yellow Skin 1.0

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Scuderia Toro Rosso - Renault Yellow

This is a fantasy Renault skin for the STR10, inspired by a concept I saw on WTF1 last week. It also follows recent news that Toro Rosso may 'go yellow' to increase advertising for Renault in Formula 1. I have used the Red Bull model for this, due to the lack of limitations, but it still replaces the Toro Rosso Car.

The Livery is High Definition, with a Resolution of 4096x4096.

Sadly, due to the mirroring of the 2014 cars, Some features of the original - some of the lines/patterns used were not possible on this, but I have done my best. Also, the Nova Chemicals logo just in front of the Air Intake is mirrored on one side, nothing I can change I'm afraid.

Please back up your files before installing the mod. To install, just extract the .zip file and drop the contained folder into your F1 2014 Directory.


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It's awesome! Thanx
excellent ty)
looks perfect!
One of my favourite! :D nice job!!
Great Work
Awesome livery!
Thank you !
Great work bro
Excellent work!!! Looks just amazing!!! Well done man, thats stunning!