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2015 Shibuya IM@S Honda Racing IndyCar 1.0

Shibuya Rin from The IdolM@ster series

  1. Charles Amyouni
    acShowroom 2015-12-11 16-33-51-23.jpg

    CHIVAS AUTOART Presents:

    Based on the Bandai Namco Entertainment's The IdolM@ster series combined with other titles related to Bandai Namco such as Project CARS as well as ACE COMBAT 7, featuring Shibuya Rin.

    acShowroom 2015-12-11 16-34-46-11.jpg acShowroom 2015-12-11 16-34-55-52.jpg

    Extract the "content" folder to your Assetto Corsa Main Directory.

    This Skin mod requires United Racing Design's Formula Challenge Suzuka Road version Mod for Assetto Corsa in order to work.

    Please do not host my works on other websites without permission.

    Visit my website for more updates & projects at:

Recent Reviews

  1. dodo1973
    Version: 1.0
  2. Brownninja97
    Version: 1.0
    best skin ever. needs more nico nico nii though
    1. Charles Amyouni
      Author's Response
      Nico is from a different Idol group though xD
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