2015 Mod AI Skills Update 1.0

an AI update for hxcftw's 2015 mod

  1. MaskyHeat
    This is my 3rd ever resource on RD, rate 5 if you like it, don't rate low without telling me what's wrong

    This is an update which update some of the riders that should be top rider/slow rider. As we know hxcftw didn't provide us with the AI Skills update so i make this mod

    MAKE SURE YOU ALREADY INSTALLED Giovaneveterano's Physics mod 2.2.1.


    -Unpack DATA.MIX
    -Look for AIDrivers.BML and then replace it with mine
    -Repack DATA.MIX (remember to repack it with SBKX/V8 Format)

    -It's done

    -Aleix Espargaro & Maverick Vinales will now fight in top 10(not top 3), not stuck on back of the pack anymore
    -Alvaro Bautista on 12-15th place
    -Andrea Iannone on 7-12th place
    -And much more!

    NOTE That this is not 100% accurate because we're not on 2015 yet :p

    hxcftw - for his fantastic 2015 mod
    Giovaneveterano - for his Physics mod
    also, Don't forget to rate 5 their mods :D :thumbsup:

    if your name were supposed to be included here but didn't show up just PM me :thumbsup: