2015 CIGT Skinpack 2017-02-28

Italian GT 2015 GT3

  1. Troy Barman
    2015 CIGT Skinpack for EEC GT3 Mod

    All cars from the 2015 CIGT Season

    If 2013-16 CIGT Skinpack is installed, let it overwrite.

    Corrected number fonts on nearly every car, corrected bad logo placement on many cars

    Both Racing Studio cars included since the team switched to Porsche at the end of the year due to poor factory support after running Mclaren's at the start.


    Patr1ot for the Mod
    All cars Skinned by Sylphide

    Do not reupload this skinpack anywhere else without permission. 20170227200348_1.jpg 20170227200410_1.jpg 20170227200505_1.jpg 20170227200525_1.jpg
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