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2014 "Ultimate RealiZm Mod" All Cars! 3.0

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"2014 Ultimate RealiZm mod all cars"

Please show your support for all future development of this mod and my work on F1 , without you guy,s it would have not been possible :thumbsup:

Please report any bugs/issues , a patch will be made ASAP!

What a stroke of brilliance!!! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for what I can only describe as 'Truly Inspirational". I was so blown away by your work that I had to jump back on the RD site to express my sheer joy at what I just experienced. You are a special individual chargingcar, cheers.

Thanyou wazza1 probably one of the nicest comments that I have ever received and makes all this worth while ;)
Time to step things up wait for 3.1 I have some more cards to play! :sneaky:

For those of you that are wanting all previous versions as some people want the links to 1.1 2.0 , 2.1 , I have just posted the links to all versions here

Latest updates

  1. 2014 Ultimate RealiZm Mod 3.0 , All Cars!

    2014 Ultimate RealiZm mod all cars Please show your support for all future development of this...
  2. 2013 Ultimate RealiZm Mod 2.1 UNLEASHED!!!

    2014 Ultimate RealiZm mod all cars Please show your support for all future development of this...
  3. "Ultimate RealiZm Mod" v2.0 UNLEASHED

    2014 Ultimate RealiZm mod all cars Please show your support for all future development of this...

Latest reviews

can i use this mod for f1 2014?
Hello, a question. I use the setup of http: // / to play. What is what with your mod Can i keep (preserve) them or I have to take those of 2014 (knowing that has the base game remains F1 2013 )?
Thank you! (Sorry for the translation, i'm French and use reverso)
Good, Amazing even and Well Done :)
It changes all but not the car models :/
Thanks for the review ))
This is awesome thank you so much i don't know if 3.1 is coming but i am grateful for your work once again thank you.
What a mod!
Man i've been looking for this V6 Turbo engines for some time,it's great to have found this!
Thanks man keep this great work up!
great mod ...the new cam is perfect ,it seems that i am 2 seconds faster per lap ...because of the grip ,maybe or the traction control. thank u
where are the instructions to download this?
within the download m8 there all there ))
Great job m8
Oe question, when are you gong to release the 3.1 version
Very nice thank you. Just a question, the external sounds remain the same from 2013, or wrong installation?
Better in my 3.1 but still needs work before release is made ))
congratz for this peace of awesomeness! but i have a problem - is this mod compatible with other mods? as soon as i put season 2014 mod by luna in my folder, i got rly bad sound bugs. any ideas? because i want to use both mods and some others, like damage model etc.
Great mod, I really like it, especially the sound and the tires. I really appreciate your hard work. I was wondering if there's a way to change the camera views back to the default ones because I prefer the default ones. Thanks
the best, thank you for this.
Very nice thank you
The wonderful sounds of cars! I especially like the McLaren. Thanks, great modding!
Thank,s ))
How did I forget to rate earlier... I'm so stupid :D
Brilliant mod, don't let this guy down below (rssphp) stop you from making mods ;)
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