2014 Ultimate Physics + *Advanced A.I* Mod v1.5 Final

Vastly improved A.I and physics

  1. Urban Chaos 2.0
    This is currently the most realistic MotoGP videogame experience to date:

    2014 Ultimate Physics + *Advanced A.I* Mod v1.5 Final

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    This is an updated version of rkh's and Giovaneveterano's 2014 Ultimate Physics + A.I Mod v1.4 for MotoGP 14, to further improve upon the A.I. and physics to produce more realistic qualifying and race lap times at the "Realistic" difficulty setting. A.I at "Realistic" setting is slower, and more reasonable than default "Realistic", but still much faster than "hard".
    Included are three Data.MIX files. Each changes the speeds and personalities of A.I. at "Realistic" difficulty: Moderate, Recommended, and Very Difficult. "Very Difficult" will require the most concentration and the most consistent pace from you at every track in order to win, and "Moderate" will require that you don't mess up and maintain a fast pace in order to challenge fastest riders for victory. "Recommended" is similar to "Moderate", but with further improved bike weight, suspension dynamics, braking power, and slightly faster A.I.

    It's highly recommended that you use the "Recommended" Data.MIX, as it's A.I is somewhat challenging for beginners. "Very Difficult" is just that: Difficult.

    Note: A.I. is no longer unrealistically fast, but you must be able to post realistic "real-world equivalent" lap times at quite a few circuits in order to compete with the fastest riders for victory at "Realistic" difficulty.

    The Following Settings/Procedures Must Be Used/followed In Order For Mod to Work Properly:

    1. Physics must be "Pro"
    2. Bike damage must be “Heavy”
    3. Technical difficulties must be "None"
    4. Do not race a bike after you’ve crashed it. Return to garage to fix it, or restart the race. Finishing a race on a bike you’ve crashed, might result in handling bugs. Any already-damaged bikes in "2013 Real Events" or "Challenge the Champions" are fine. But don't crash them a second time.
    5. In the event of any handling bugs (unlikely to occur), go to the main menu and select "2013 Real Events". Choose Cal Crutchlow's Catalunya challenge, and ride his bike for a few seconds. This will correct any systematic data errors which Milestone's inconsistent code may have generated.

    The mod works in all weather conditions, and for all classes, including 2013 riders and race legends.

    For installation instructions, refer to the documentation included with the mod.

    *********Adittional info: This particular version of the mod comes preloaded with Giovaneveterano's "Real Menu Photos - motogp 14 - MOD 1.5.3

    : if you already have v1.4 of the mod, just copy the new Data.MIX file into the game folder "**********************

    Mixfile Remixer can be downloaded here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mixfile-remixer.485/


    If you cannot find the DLC folder in your version of the game, just copy the Data.MIX file. It won't be an issue.

    Changelog (Improvements Over Previous Version)

    • A.I Qualifying times are more realistic
    • A.I. is not as aggressive
    • A.I race lap times are more realistic
    • A.I personalities are more apparent
    • A.I adapts pace and style in accordance with pressure you put on them and distance you pull on them
    • Varied bike chassis stiffness for certain tracks
    • Improved front and rear rebound and compression
    • Improved bike weight distribution
    • Consistent motorcycle handling characteristics for each track
    • Slightly improved bike turning radius
    • Slightly improved front wheel locking effect during corners and bike being set diagonally from wheelies


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Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: v1.5 Final
    I have DLCs MotoGP 14 apparently this mod ¿installed DLC1 need it? where I can download only DLC'S
  2. GramatonCleric
    Version: 1.41
    Wow. Very, very nice! Can't believe someone's finally done it. All riders now produce realistic lap times. My God, I've been waiting for this for so long. Think I'll start a new career mode now.
    1. Urban Chaos 2.0
      Author's Response
      Thanks :).
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