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2014 Season Update Mod 1.0

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Hi. As many of you may remember, last year I released an F1 2013 mod for the then F12012 game. This proved to be quite popular, so in the same vein for this year's F12013 game, I've updated pretty much everything I can think of to 2014 season.

I've updated the following:

Driver names

Driver stats (no of poles/wins)

Driver nationalities

Driver comments/questions

Driver uniforms

Driver gloves (where they have drivers name on them)

Driver helmets (where a driver has relocated to another team)

Driver faces (where a driver has relocated to another team)

Driver rival images

Driver voices (not tested)

Team order (including 2014 pitlane order)

Cars: I've not updated car liveries except for the driver name and car number. So this HAS been changed on car livery. I have also modified Williams cars with Mercedes logos in lieu of Renault .

Main menu opening screen

Main menu driver selection graphics

Main menu driver selection flags

Main menu track selection graphics

Main menu track order

Main menu track introduction graphics

Red bull ring
(Austrian GP) added.

Sochi International street circuit (Russian GP) added.

Race dates

Team Williams Have altered old Renault logos to Mercedes on team uniforms, garage, car, helmets etc.

As mentioned above, where a driver has gone to a new team, he has taken his old helmet with him. Where there is a new driver, he inherits his predecessor's helmet. In some cases I have modified helmet graphics where obvious clashes exist (ie Daniil Kvyat get Daniel Ricciardo's helmet, but I have removed Ricciardo's name and aussie flag from that helmet).

Removed Crofty's voice intoduction "welcome to Formula One 2013"
Note: This part of the mod is courtesy of aagancia. Many thanks go to him for allowing this to be incorporated.


It is important to note that this mod does NOT alter any performances etc. Game will perform as bog standard. Essentially it is just a graphical/stats/language update to feel like 2014 season. In any case, we don't know yet how anyone's going to perform as the season hasn't even started yet! Obviously all cars are 2013 cars, with just some minor tweaks to graphics. So, Since Daniel Ricciardo has taken Mark Webber's seat, Daniel inherits Mark's performance. Similarly, Pastor inherits Kimi's, Kimi inherits Massa's etc. Naturally their name/graphics/face etc reports as the new driver, but underlying performance is that of their predecessor's. I personally like to think of it as Daniel Ricciardo inheriting the game's redbull no 2 car's performance. So the 2nd redbull will perform as it did before, just it'll appear to be Daniel Ricciardo driving it. Etc.

I have not included Hockenheim nor have I made a night race out of Bahrain. There are issues with doing this, however once these issues are resolved, I *may* release these as a separate patch. For now the German GP is at Nurbergring, and Bahrain is raced at day time.

In addition, please note that all files provided are in bog standard game resolutions. This is NOT an HD update. Game fraps should perform as per standard game, just with a 2014 feel about it.

I think that's it.

Some screenies:

I have also added the two new races - Austria and Russia. Obviously I haven't modeled these actual tracks. I have simply renamed Korea and Dehli circuits to Austria and Russia respectively, and have made some rudimentary graphical changes to the tracks. For example I've altered the korean flag to the Austrian one, and in the case of the Russian GP, I've altered the grandstand seating to reflect the russian flag.

Some more screenies:

In addition to the above, and as part two of the mod, I have changed the pitstand order in each track. Pitstands are now in correct 2014 team order. This part of the mod can be downloaded as a stand alone mod, to alter the pitstand order to 2014 order. I have physically moved each pitstand in each track (as opposed to re-painting them). So they all have their standard livery's/shapes. The great thing about this part of the mod is that if you update your track graphics with someone else's track update, the pitstands will still appear in correct order.

Some screenies showing full length of the pitlane:

Lastly, as an optional extra, I have altered any obvious old F1 2013 trackside signage to F1 2014. This includes the jumbotrons. This has been done for all tracks. This part of the mod is not essential, but highly recommended.

Some more screenies:

You can just install part 1 but part 2 is required for correct pitstand order. Part 3 is optional but recommended for best results.
The driver images on the main menu are pretty crude - my photoshop skills are rudimentary at best. I may update these images once official F1 2014 driver photos are taken.

Mod is English only. Please don't ask for any other languages as I have no intention of doing this. Essentially, this is a personal mod released for others to enjoy. Take it or leave it warts and all.

You will not be able to play online with this mod, and will likely have to restart your career.

Download part 2 of the mod here

Download part 3 of the mod here

I hope you enjoy!

Mr Pibb.

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Mr Pibb
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