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2014 Mclaren Austin livery 2014-11-11

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Skin based on 2014 Mclaren F1 SAP version by marcusm. I changed rear wing SAP logo to Mobil1 and added yellow SAP logo on sidepods. This is my first skin so please be lenient.
F1_2014 2014-11-11 10-27-30-086.jpg
F1_2014 2014-11-11 10-26-25-409.jpg
F1_2014 2014-11-11 10-26-48-094.jpg
F1_2014 2014-11-11 10-26-38-453.jpg
F1_2014 2014-11-11 10-26-53-935.jpg

Latest reviews

Good job , but to be perfect SAP logo should be tilted on the side of the car , and nose also . Follows nose photo ;)
Almost 100% correctly, can you try to make the SAP logo's a little bit more inclined, just like in this picture? thanks..